Monday, July 15, 2013

Deam V haul~

Hi! Hi!

Yesterday I recieved a 'small' DreamV haul...
This is not my first DreamV haul but first time blogging about it ^.^

The thing I wanted the most were these;
Actually, I since it took a while to get to me, I forgot what I ordered so I only remembered these since I wanted them so much...
First thing I wanted, came in this box!!

Eh, sorry, it was cloudy the day I took the photos and flash. Aren't these so cute!?! I think they look really pretty! I have a narrow foot so these aren't the 'best' fit... so I can't wear these for long walks but for everyday these should be fine! I love the roses on these, I was worried they would be fraying or stained like some people received but nope! All is fine!

 Can't find a link

Cute thongs... Lol, in Australia we call them thongs... most people call them flip flops though?! Ahaha. I thought these were cute and I liked the colour! I normally wear these shoes around the house (in summer) and they were pretty cheap... like under $10. 
I wasn't expecting a box for these shoes... but they came with one. Normally in Australia shoes this cheap don't come in a box. ^.^


This cute blouse as well! I had forgotten about this! It's really cute! I love the cute little daisies on it. I have no idea what to wear this with though :/

 Can't find a link
I do not remember even looking at this... nor why I wanted it...
And I was like O.O for a while... but then I thought, it would be cute to wear under other tops with the big red bow sticking out! No? I will take the red bow off the shirt because I think it makes it looks... um, cheap. 

I've seen socks like this a few times and they are all really expensive just to try so I got these. I don't know if they'll work but at least they are cute right?!?! 

ehhhh, okay... totally lame post... 
Ahaha, sorry! Maybe someone enjoyed it though?!?



  1. OMG :3. I love your haul , mostly the shoes <3. The first ones are so cute , I want a pair too ! <3 Too bad I don`t have Paypal TwT...but when I`ll have , I`ll make sure to order a pair :3.

    1. Ah, yeah... not having a pay pal is not fun! You should make one - it's really easy too! And these shoes are really comfy so you should def look into it!

  2. Your pink shirt is so cute, I love the daisies.

    1. Hehe, thank you! I like the daisies too!

  3. I love the red bow sandals, they are gorgeous and so cute! x


  4. Oh man, we have those same thongs out at a nearby shoe warehouse! Though not in pink, but in black and in white. Almost bought them, but I ended up getting something else. Awww, we could have been shoe buddies XD And I really like that floral blouse <3

    1. Shoe buddies <3 <3 <3 Yeah, the dreamV ones weren't expensive though! They were under AUD$ 10.00 so I thought they were a good price! They came in other colours too - like green, yellow and blue!! And thank you

  5. Omg those SHOESSS! Adorable! *__* Thank you for sharing!~

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  6. that shoes are sooooo good looking!!!


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