Monday, June 17, 2013

Outfit dump #1

Hi! Hi!

I decided to share all my outfit posts from .... uh.... my phone and share them on my blog. 
Lol. I'm really bad at taking outfit photos because I end up taking them in a rush or at night. Neither of these conditions is the best for photo taking... But I share with you all a random medly of outfits.
Also, if your wondering what season it is in Australia... It's Winter now! Lol. Thought I would say that because I don't think my outfits show it. 
(It's been quite warm,)

 Expect for this night, I remember this night. I went for sushi with my friend on night and it was rainy. 
Dress: Tralala 
Boots: Offbrand/Really old. 

 Not actually from mothers day. XD Actually the night before. We had some dinner thing and I wasn't going to go but then I did and I didn't know what to wear... So I threw on all my favorite things. 
Blazer: Liz Lisa (orange colour) 
Dress: Tralala
Shoes: Liz Lisa 
Tights: Ebay! (only $3.00 + inc shipping!)

 Actual mothers day outfit. Again. Threw on all my favorite things. 
Blazer: Liz Lisa (same as above) 
Blouse: Tralala
Skirt: Liz Lisa
Shoes: Liz Lisa (I have a love/hate with these btw, they are so comfy but I really do feel like they cut my legs off and make them look short but... comfy!)

 Just went for coffee so tried to look casual. 
Blouse: Tralala
Skirt: Tralala
Cardigan: Liz Lisa 
Boots: Miss Shop

 Never wore this anywhere... lol. I bought it because my friend told me too! All Liz Lisa.
 Can't remember where I went dressed like this. I love this skirt though. It's got cherries on it and it's just adorable okay? 
Blouse: Tralala 
Skirt: Liz Lisa
Shoes: Miss Shop Brand (they are lace!)
Went to my aunties for pizza! 
K. Everything is Liz Lisa but the jeans. Jeans are too big for me now too. Cries. I love these jeans. That's why. (They make my legs look skinny) :/ 

 I just went to the post office and did errand like things.
 Jumper: Liz Lisa
Leggings: No idea/off brand
Boots: Miss Shop Brand
 went out to dinner with my friends hence the black. I felt really uncomfortable though. I guess I'm too used to pink now... 
Top: Ma*rs. 
Skirt: Juicy Couture (this fits me better now! It used to be tight!) 
 Kitty Tights: Syndrome but you can find them on ebay for CHEAP!) (I got ripped off,)
Shoes: Offbrand/I'm not sure.
My Melody Plushie: Is wearing a sanrio cape... okay... lol. joke. 
Wore this last night! 
Dress: Liz Lisa
Shoes: Liz Lisa
Belt: I *think* it's Forever New but not sure. 

Next time, I'll wear a different belt... not sure I like this one with the dress. :/
(needs a belt. The waist is too big for me sadly,) 

Okay. That is all for this crap post. 


  1. Even though the pcitures are not so great (quality) I lovveee all these outfits :D really cute ! ^^

    1. Ahaha, sowwie! Ah, well, better crappy quality then no pictures right!?

  2. Aaaaaand I have added a new fashion inspiration <3

    I'm bad at taking outfit shots too, because I always forget to, then I take everything off and take my hair down, and suddenly I remember, lol. I'm not used to having a camera on hand. Heck, I'm not even used to taking pictures in general.

    1. Ahaha? Really? I thought my co-ords were quite bad :/ It's nice that someone likes them! I feel my confidence growing!! ^.^
      Yeah, I used to be bad, but then I was like... just take a photo a bad photo is better than no photo right!?!? RIGHT?!?!
      I have a few friends that LOVE to take photos so I learnt from them^.^ I now take photos of EVERYTHING!!

  3. OMG! *o*
    You look so perfect ... in everything!
    Waw! Seriously! <3
    I LOVE the last outfit! The shoes are so pretty, and the delicate lace top looks so feminine! <3

    You look so effortlessly stylish in everything! <3
    Nice to see an update, too! Have missed your cute blog! <3

    1. I wish it felt effortless to get dress!!! Ahahaha! I always rush rush rush when I'm getting ready and never have enough time to do everything I need too TT_TT I love that dress though, I really do <3 I think it's one of my faves. I only bought it randomly because it was on sale too so even better!

  4. I love your outfit pictures Berri! Its really nice to see some more Liz Lisa, you know I adore Liz Lisa too XD Everything looks so great on you, I particularly love the dress in the last picture, the lace and collar are just beautiful!

    1. Ahaha, Bee I think my whole wardrobe is now Liz Lisa + Tralala (and few random things) I really need some new labels I think! I feel like a walking spokes person for Liz Lisa :) I'm jeally of some of your pieces though, you have some beauties! <3 <3 <3 And I love that dress in the last picture too! kekekekeke.


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