Thursday, June 6, 2013

Fujifilm instax mini 8 review

Hi! Hi!
Today, I decided to write a review on the Fujifilm instax mini 8. 
I bought mine a while ago and I'm really happy I did! ^.^ I've wanted a polaroid camera for quite a while because they look like fun. 
I decided to review it because I just really wanted to share it with others and maybe you can make up your mind on getting one, or maybe I can share something you hadn't seen prior to this post?  Anyways....

Every camera colour has it's own personality too it! Isn't that cute!?

Guess which one I chose?! 

No surprise, I bought the pink one! 

I actually bought mine instore at a sale, but you can find this online and in a variety of stores all over the world. I suggest shopping around because they are not all the same price. I have seen them for anywhere between AU$ 130 - AU$ 99 so of course I suggest looking around for the best price plus also waiting for a sale. 
I bought mine and a pack of film for under $100 in a sale. 

Looks really cute, doesn't it!? 
But how does it perform? 

 Well, let me say, I pulled this out on a Saturday night with my younger cousins and family and I'd like to think it was such a hit. Everyone wanted to hold it and look at it. The 'oldies' in my family thought it was hilerious that they sold polaroids again. 

I was super impatient and wanted to use it without reading the instructions and I was able to use it fine. I was able to use it easy enough. 

The picture comes out from the top of the camera ^.^ 
My first picture wasn't that great because I forgot the pictures were portrait. 
It's so much fun to watch the photo develope. 
It's so nice to have a physical photo that you can share with others instead of digital photos on a camera.
You can adjust the (light) settings on this camera too, I think in the instructions say it adjusts it on it's own too. 
So it's super easy to use too. 
Just point and take a photo. 

Also, there are only two buttons on this camera... one to turn it on- next to the lense, (it's hidden!-) and one to take the photo. So used to a small handful of buttons it's so easy to only have two!
It's got a good weight to it as well, it's not light nor very heavy. It feels secure and comfortable in your hands.

As it's a polaroid, it doesn't need cords and wires and things to charge/trasfer photos which is awesome. No need to remember where the cables are/store them. 

I love this camera, I waited a while to purchase it and I'm really glad I did! I have no regrets... 
However... I do have ONE gripe. 

The film is expensive. 
Expensive to the point where I worry about taking nice photos only because I don't want to take a bad photo and 'waste' the film thus taking a lot of the enjoyment out of taking photos. :/ 
Luckily, you can purchase it online at ebay for a little bit cheaper by bulk buying it. Phew. 
(Film costs AU$19.95 a packet depending where you shop,)
Besically it works out too $2.00 a photo (a little less, but I'm not going to split hairs over it,)

But overall, it's a really great toy to have. It's really fun to use and take pictures with and it's a really nicely designed camera and it's very well made in my opinion.

  •  Cute camera / looks great
  • Sociable to use
  • Easy to use
  • Variety colours to choose from
  • Comes with batteries! ^.^
  • Just price for the camera 
  • Would make a great gift to give someone
  • Comfortbale to hold and take pictures with 
  • Easy to purchase/ can buy from many places with ease
  • Fun!!!
  • Film is quite pricey
  • Bulky - you can't bring it everywhere with you
  • Need to replace batteries. I guess for some that's a con. It doesn't bother me, personally though.
I think that's it for the cons. 
I don't think I'm the best at reviewing things, but hopefully I will get better at it. I really wanted to share this, like I said earlier. 
I hope you enjoyed my little reivew. ^.^
Thanks for stopping by.......


  1. Such a cute camera! I hadn't even heard of it before this review! I didn't even know they made cameras like this!

    I am thinking of getting one, now! I also love to have physical copies of pictures, as well as digital copies!

    How many photographs do you get out of one pack of film? Would it be any good for me, who takes 200+ pictures when they go out?

    1. Oh, you get 10 photos per packet - not many at all. But you can bulk buy them on ebay easily! ^.^
      I don't think you can take 200+ pics on it in one hit, might still need a digital camera sadly. :D
      I'm glad you saw something new! That makes me happy~

  2. I adore my fuji intax too! (mines the 7s) However they have expirey date on the film which I hate so I'd have to use them before a date >.< + it's not that good to keep the left over film in the camera for too long . :c

    1. O.O I guess I should have read the instructions then!
      AND WHAT!?!? Great... Like I needed more reason to dislike the film... :/ Sobs. Thanks for letting me know though ^.^

  3. I first saw these in korean dramas, I thought that polaroids were long gone and since then i've been wanting one. If I were to get one mine would be pink too.

    btw the shoes do come in other colors, I saw them in pink and mint :)

    1. Ahhh! They come in pink and mint!?!? Wahhhh~
      I want! I want! Thank you so much for letting me know and sharing with me! Means a lot~
      And you should the camera! It's awesome!

  4. me too i saw it on my korean variety shows. I just ordered mine. I can't wait for it. :-)))

  5. So cute! I might consider buying one now. :3 it seems fun to use, but hopefully I can fine one for a good price.

  6. I have three instax mini cameras of different styles. I love them. I'm doing a 365 project this year with them. One instax photo every day. I buy the film in bulk so it's way cheaper.

    The project is part of my blog


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