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Liz Lisa shoe collection (and tralala)

Edit: I will be updating this blog post with all my new Liz Lisa shoes as I buy them. 
Updated:  23/02/2016      

Hi! Hi!

I decided today, I would take pictures of all my shoes from Liz Lisa because Bee asked too see more of my wardrobe, and more Liz Lisa. I love Liz Lisa and I love shoes. ^.^ (I doubt anyone reading this is shocked by either of those statements,) 

I feel a bit weird sharing my clothes not wearing them because... well, I feel a bit of a show-off. But I will review these shoes and let you know about sizing so maybe more people will buy them. 

And just so you all know, I've never paid full price for a pair of Liz Lisa shoes. Ever. I normally wait until they go on sale + I have a coupon code for the web store. The good thing is, unlike the popular dress of the season they don't sell until they go on sale. Phew. 

Links to all the shoes will be provided to if possible.  

Liz Lisa

 Liz Lisa Double Bow straps in Pink

  Front View
The first pair of Liz Lisa shoes I ever bought. I really just fell in love with them. They were on sale and I was so unsure they would fit me but I loved them so much I was willing to take the risk. I bought them and waiting anxiously for them to arrive. When I got them I tried them on and they fit pretty perfectly! I was so happy and couldn't believe my luck! Since there were my first shoes from Liz Lisa, they def have a special place in my heart.
 Side View
 Back View. 

 Close up detail. I love the pink bows and the Liz Lisa logo. 

No link available.

Liz Lisa Glitter Pumps in Beige
 Front View. 
Second pair I bought from Liz Lisa. I think I bought these in the boxing day sale so I got them quite cheap... but I can't remember how much for :/ I really wanted to wear them on New Years Eve and I know I didn't wear these on NYE I can't remember if it's because they didn't come in time or I just didn't wear them though. 
Funnily enough, I think these are my most worn Liz Lisa shoes. ^.^ They are super comfortable and stable to walk in. I was worried the glitter ankle strap would be itchy and hurt. But it's not. Also, I these have never shed glitter, which was another concern for me.

 Side View. 
The ankle strap is actually functioning on these as well. (as are buckles on shoe four!)
 Side View
  Bow detail

 Liz Lisa Ankle Boots in Brown

 Second most worn pair of Liz Lisa shoes. Love these, and they are great. They remind me of Jeffery Campbell Litas but way cuter. I've always wanted them but they were pricey and I didn't know what size I needed. I got these instead and I like these so much!
 Side View.
 Back View. 
Um... sorry I think it got cloudy and then flash happened. Sorry. :/

I'm interested in selling these however I'm not going to list these anywhere so if you're interested in them, please contact me privately at;

Liz Lisa Frilly Wedges in Beige

I got these at the end of Summer, I realize that they look maybe a tiny but small on me but I think that they feel really comfy so I always reach for these the neutral colour means that they pretty much go with everything and for me, these are a pretty decent height. I understand they might be high for some though. 

Liz Lisa Wedges in Yellow

Happy yellow wedges. I wore these a few times and they are really nice! I love how bright and happy they are.

Liz Lisa Engineer Boots in Brown

 Front View
 Side View
 Back View

 Details - These boots have hidden heel in them and so you can trick everyone into thinking you've magically grown 4 inches and they'll never suspect a thing. 
Also... these are a little big more me (Lol) so I'll definitely need socks with them.
Actually, funny story, I really really wanted these in beige but they sold out when Liz Lisa was doing the 50% for members sale so I decided I wanted the pink. Got the the end of the transaction before commit that I changed my mind and went for the brown! Wtf. So much trouble. 
I don't know why I do these things. I like the brown... I'm so confused why I didn't get the pink though. 

Liz Lisa Sneaker Platforms in Pink

 Front view
 Side view
Back View. 
These are from last Spring/Summer 2013 but they're in the outlet right now. I really regretted not getting them last year but lucky me! They were in the outlet waiting. I would have preferred the white but hey! I'm fine with the pink colour.  

Liz Lisa Bow Wedges in Pink


I bought these ones because I really love pair seven and they're so comfy and I wear them all the time. Was tossing up white or pink but I have the beige in the other pair so I thought the pink was more unique. Next year I will get a brown pair, I hope because I really enjoy these shoes.

Liz Lisa White Wedges with detachable bows

Liz Lisa Suede Heart Pumps in Pink

Liz Lisa Lace Sneakers in white

Liz Lisa Web Limited Sneakers in Pink

Liz Lisa Ribbon Pumps in Navy

Liz Lisa Ribbon Pumps in Pink

Liz Lisa Wedges in White

Liz Lisa Wedges in Brown


 Pair One

I recently bought some Tralala shoes and I'm really in love with these! I love the red colour and they are a great everyday shoe because they are a good height and close toed. 
 The bow is detachable as well!
The buckle is only for looks. There's like a clasp that you kind of hook into place... I guess that's the only way I can describe it.

Pair Two

 Pink inside- so cool!!

I wore these recently and I really liked them! They were comfy and really easy to walk in and I totally recommend them.
 Pair Three

 Tralala ankle boots in black.
 You may think these boots are flat. Other people may think these are flat. You and they are both wrong. There is a hidden wedge in the shoe. (Where the stitch on the back of the boot is,)

 Details on the boots. 

Pair Five

Tralala black lace flats.

Pair Six 

Selling HERE!

 Pair Nine

Pair Ten

So that's all the Liz Lisa shoes, I own... for now! 
I keep seeing more and more I want... :/ 

Anyways, if your interested in buying Liz Lisa shoes, which I will recommend, here's some information for you. 

Boots run big!
If you normally wear L in Liz Lisa shoes, like me, go for an M. If you are normally too big for Liz Lisa shoes, try the boots and buy them in L. ^.^
Other than that, I think they run pretty true to size and there's not much difference is sizing.

Liz Lisa shoes are very stable. If you have trouble in heels, these might be okay for you. The soles of the shoes have those love hearts and the Liz Lisa logo really grip to the ground thus making you feel secure and safe in these shoes. I'm not being biased though.  They really are. 

They're really cute! Lol!
Oh, they aren't leather. So they won't stretch the same as leather. They will give and not be as stiff as a new shoe so if you think the shoes might be too small there's no way to make them bigger as such. 

Liz Lisa shoes, the buckles are 'fake' on all my Liz Lisa shoes. All Liz Lisa shoes are nail friendly! You apple with these um... clip things or zips! Okay they function they make the straps shorter/longer but once you've done that you probably won't need to tough it ever again. So you can just put your shoes on and pop the clips in and your done! Off you go! Takes so much less time than a buckle as well, I'm sure everyone who has been in a rush getting ready knows how much every little second counts.

Also, a picture of the mat I was standing on if anyone was wondering what it looked like ^.^

That's all for this post. Actually took me ages to write. :/ 
I hope everyone enjoyed reading it and liked the pictures. I hope they turned out okay minus that one with flash.... ^.^ 

Thank you for reading
Berri Doll

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