Thursday, May 9, 2013

Liz Lisa + Tralala Wishlist

Hi! Hi!
I'm a bit bored tonight and lamely browsing Liz Lisa and thought I'd make a wishlist because I keep seeing things I like and I want to keep track of them ^.^ 
Plus, my blog is kinda my diary and I do use my diary for lists and wishlists so... why not right!?!? 
Wishlists are fun. 
I linked everything incase you see something you like or want to look at it in more detail. ^.^ Hope it helps you regardless. 

I don't own any denim jackets! I have a demin shirt though! I really love it so I think I'll like a denim jacket too! I like the white best. Then the pale pink but not too fond of the blue :/ Seems too 'I can get it anywhere'. Lol. I like things that are different that no one else can get. 
I think this is the only outer thing I like actually as well! 
I don't think this is too badly price either considering it's a jacket and jackets can normally be pretty pricey but I will wait for a sale none the less. ^.^
(I also liked this but I only like the light blue and it sold out online) 

I think this is so cute! It reminds me of a vintage suitcase with the stickers on it!? I love all three colours too! I don't own any bags like this but I definetly have no use for it because I just bought my samantha vega and I don't need any bags but I still like this and if it happened to work its way into my possession, I would be happy with it. XD
Tralala 3 way satchel
Not fond of the navy but I like the other two. I love convertable bags because I think they are better value for money than just a tote or a one way bag. Again, I don't need this, I just really like it.

beach bag
I wish this hadn't sold out! I really liked this but it went on sale and sold out. I think it would have made a cute beach bag! Sobs. 

Liz Lisa Wedges
Gah! I want these really badly but I want them on sale. lol. I want the yellow more but happy with the pink - white is already sold out. (unless they restock)
aslo I actually don't mind these too much but I prefer the ones pictured. I think I wouldn't know how to wear the second ones. :p

Liz Lisa wedges
I think these are the most perfect shoes ever and I just want. 

 Tralala wedges
 I really really like these. They are actually not too badly priced in my opinion at full price - 5145 yen, so not too bad bad right?!? (they are actually the same price as the flats I posted below so compared I think these are priced pretty well considering these have a small wedge as well and kinda fancy looking! -just throwing it out there,
 Tralala flats!
I really like the strippy ones. I'm going on holiday (again!) in August and I want these for when I go away for an everyday shoe! They look so cute and comfy too!

tralala shoes
Not a fan of these in the white - I worry these will look 'cheap' in real life. (I feel like shoes in white get dirty easy as well which can add to cheapness) These are really pretty but again, I don't want to pay for these. If they found thier way into my possession or they were super discounted and in the pink I would get them/be happy with them but not too fussed over these. 

This reminds me of a costume! I love hats and I like collecting funny looking ones. What!?!? Get invited to a costume party add a stippy shirt and navy items and voila! I am a sailor girl and I didn't have too rush around. Now I just need to get invited to a costume party. 

I own nothing like this and I really like the print! I really like two way items as you guys may have gathered because I feel like they are better value for money and also they are more unique to western fashion as well. 

Tralala reversable dress
It had me at reversable! XD Lol. It's really cute though! looks like a good peice to travel with though! Two dresses in one and I think I can wear it many ways too! Like with flats and a big bag for day or wedges and heels for night with a blazer and a clutch for a casual dressy look so I really really like this one!

Just something a bit different, to be honest. I think it will look nice more mature with heels and a blouse! I like the peach and navy best though I think.
I used to want this one here but I like this one more now!!

I think this is very 'me' XD I think I've wanted this for ageeessss but it's never on sale!
 One and two
 Again just something different. I love the print and also the white version of one but I'm not crazy about peplum. And two is just really tropical and fun looking but still mature. I seem too like mature things too now!

One and two
 Actually not crazy about a lot of tops from Liz Lisa right now... They either seem to be peplum style or I just don't like them. Not crazy about peplum tops and I really don't get the fuss over them either. I like the top cause it seems nice to wear with lots of bottoms and the long sleeved top looks nice, plain but easy to wear with things.

They are bunnies and ice cream cones. I want them because they are bunny ears and ice cream cone. It's as simple as that. 
 One and two
I want both in all three colours. Help. (Actually tossing up between getting the orange and the pink one in each. Lol. Mangaed to talk some sense into myself! kekeke! See, writing about it helps!)

It's a belt with fruit on it. That's why I want it. It's cute! I want to eat it. This doesn't say if it's waist or a hips belt, probably won't fit my hips anyways :/ There's gotta be a way to DIY this belt. I have so many belts I don't wear anymore. Hmmm. 

Anyways, there's a few other things but, I'm sure you're all bored now. Maybe. I'm not sure. 
I got bored of this towards the end myself. :PpP but I get bored super easy so I don't count.   

What items do you guys like?!?! Do you have wish lists!?! What are you currently wanting!?


  1. waw!
    I love the LL and the Tra La La wedges!
    And omg, that belt! *.* so pretty!

    The 3 way satchel is really nice, too! I like it in the light blue and cream colour! Which colour do you want to get it in?

    1. I like the light blue and white personally but the red white and brown is nice too! And gah, the shoes are soooo pretty! I dunno why the shoes are really doing it more for me than the clothes lately...

  2. love lizlisa, the skirts and satchels are so lovely!! <3


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