Monday, May 20, 2013

Liz Lisa Summer 2013 Lucky Bag!

Hi! Hi! 

Today I recieved the Liz Lisa summer lucky bag! I have never purchased a lucky pack before so I was really excited. 
I never really saw the appeal of lucky packs before but now I really like them! 
When I saw this online, I decided to get this. It was about 5000 yen. A bit more. So I thought it might be good value. 
Plus I thought this bag would make a nice beach bag ^.^ 
The one I have now is a little wornout and the side is ripped. I can still use it but I'm not sure for how much longer I can so when it dies I'll use this one! 

Here's the bag in real life~ 
Look just like the picture right!?
It's actually a really nice size. It's quite big but it's not too big. 
Also, sorry, I took all these photos on my iphone because I took these at night. Ahahaha.
I'm sure you can still see what you need too though. 
I also used the 'sweety' filter in camera360 to edit these. 
First item I pulled this out first! It's a cardigan/knit and it's really cute! I was happy to see this in the pack because I love cardigans and I actually have something similar already in a different colour so I'm happy I got this because I know I will wear this for sure~ 

I actually found this online; here. Incase you wanna look at it or buy it even.

Clearer picture. It's really cute right!?!? This was the only item in my bag that I could find on the site actually.
I love the lace on the pockets.

I was happy too see the price of this item is more than what the bag is valued at! ^.^ I feel like I got a good deal on this already!
So far, so good! 

On to the second item!

Second item I opened. This is super cute actually! There's a bow on the bust as well, I feel like you can't see it in the picture. 
I was a bit disappointed it's peplum but since I don't have a lot of Liz Lisa tops, I'm happy I have this. 
I think I might wear this with demin shorts... not too sure what else I can pair this with.

 This adorable skirt!! It's really light weight and has a cute belt in the same pattern so you can tie it up with! Super happy with all this item as well!!
I'll definetly be able to wear this a lot when the weather is warmer. XD

Final item in the bag!! A cute minty green hair band! I love this so much! It's so pretty and totally something I would have bought.

on the bow! So cute~ 

Okay so that's all I got in the bag! For me, it was really good value and I'm really happy I decided to get this! 
Hopefully you also enjoyed seeing what I got. 
Liz Lisa currently have another lucky pack, for Chambre a Coucher here. It's currently still available! And it's about 4000 yen and has four items + a bag! 
I love Chambre a Coucher so I'm tempted greatly. 

Anyways, hope you all liked this little post~ 
See you all later!



  1. OMG! All so awesome! <3 I've been looking at the lucky packs for a while and debating on whether or not to get one~~

    1. You should totally get one Berry Oh! They are really fun! It' like buying a present to yourself! That's the best way I can put it.

  2. I love the top so much! I've wanted a lucky pack for so long now, especially the New Years but I'm too scared to buy it, that and I don't know how to... :((
    I always wish I could do it with a friend and purchase together.... but none of my friends know or familiar on how to :[ Do you use an agent? How do you find shipping ?
    Sooooo jealous!!

  3. Yeah! The top is cute! I tried it on after uploading this post and it's cute on too!! Oh, and if you would like to know who to buy from Liz Lisa, I wrote a review here;! Please check it out if you have time!! ^.^

  4. Everything is so cute as usual form Liz Lisa♥

    1. Yep! Yep!! Very cute! I wanna wear it all now... lol... I don't think it all goes though :/

  5. That hair band is gorgeous, I love the mint colour and the lacey flowers :)

  6. Yeah! Totally cute right!?!? The hair band is so cute but it's a bit tight... need to wear it to make it more comfortable.

  7. haha very cute indeed


  8. Love the cardigan, looks super comfy too bad the weather is too hot in sweden ( hoping for rain :3 ) =(

    Love your blog :)

    1. Ah, is it hot in Sweden right now!? I like hot weather very much!! XD
      And thank you~

  9. Omygosh! I love all the Liz Lisa stuff you have in the lucky bag!

    how about following each other?

    greetz, lenie

    1. Ahhh, thank you! I love it too!
      I followed you ob bloglovin' I hope that's okay!!

  10. Ooooh!! ♥
    I'm so jealous, only 5000yen???
    You got so many cute things, I love them all!

    I've never bought a lucky bag, because I'm afraid I'll get something crappy, but you got really lucky! ^__^

    ~ Frillycakes ♥ ~

    1. Yep! Lucky packs are a good price right?!?
      I was scared too but I decided to get it anyways! I think it was worth it in the end!

    2. I suggest you buy a cheap lucky bag like 50 or 40 dollar one, because I bought the New Years bag that is over 100 dollars and it was sort of crappy, I ended up with mostly items I never wear and the coat that came with started coming apart after barely wearing it T-T this summer pack looks way better, so I suggest you get a lucky pack in spring or summer or fall but NOT the New Years one (as it comes out to be a rip off).

    3. I've heard the quality isn't that good in the lucky packs at the end of the year. I decided to try this one anyways despite that. The cardigan I have already in beige, it's good quality! ^.^ That sucks about your jacket... :( I do like this lucky pack I got. I do recommend it too you next time!


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