Monday, May 20, 2013

Liz Lisa Summer 2013 Lucky Bag!

Hi! Hi! 

Today I recieved the Liz Lisa summer lucky bag! I have never purchased a lucky pack before so I was really excited. 
I never really saw the appeal of lucky packs before but now I really like them! 
When I saw this online, I decided to get this. It was about 5000 yen. A bit more. So I thought it might be good value. 
Plus I thought this bag would make a nice beach bag ^.^ 
The one I have now is a little wornout and the side is ripped. I can still use it but I'm not sure for how much longer I can so when it dies I'll use this one! 

Here's the bag in real life~ 
Look just like the picture right!?
It's actually a really nice size. It's quite big but it's not too big. 
Also, sorry, I took all these photos on my iphone because I took these at night. Ahahaha.
I'm sure you can still see what you need too though. 
I also used the 'sweety' filter in camera360 to edit these. 
First item I pulled this out first! It's a cardigan/knit and it's really cute! I was happy to see this in the pack because I love cardigans and I actually have something similar already in a different colour so I'm happy I got this because I know I will wear this for sure~ 

I actually found this online; here. Incase you wanna look at it or buy it even.

Clearer picture. It's really cute right!?!? This was the only item in my bag that I could find on the site actually.
I love the lace on the pockets.

I was happy too see the price of this item is more than what the bag is valued at! ^.^ I feel like I got a good deal on this already!
So far, so good! 

On to the second item!

Second item I opened. This is super cute actually! There's a bow on the bust as well, I feel like you can't see it in the picture. 
I was a bit disappointed it's peplum but since I don't have a lot of Liz Lisa tops, I'm happy I have this. 
I think I might wear this with demin shorts... not too sure what else I can pair this with.

 This adorable skirt!! It's really light weight and has a cute belt in the same pattern so you can tie it up with! Super happy with all this item as well!!
I'll definetly be able to wear this a lot when the weather is warmer. XD

Final item in the bag!! A cute minty green hair band! I love this so much! It's so pretty and totally something I would have bought.

on the bow! So cute~ 

Okay so that's all I got in the bag! For me, it was really good value and I'm really happy I decided to get this! 
Hopefully you also enjoyed seeing what I got. 
Liz Lisa currently have another lucky pack, for Chambre a Coucher here. It's currently still available! And it's about 4000 yen and has four items + a bag! 
I love Chambre a Coucher so I'm tempted greatly. 

Anyways, hope you all liked this little post~ 
See you all later!


Saturday, May 11, 2013

Singapore - Part Four

Hi Hi!
So on this day, my friend and I made our way over to Universal Studios! I hadn't been too a theme park for years - last time I went to a theme park, I was 14 years old. XD So I was way way way over due.
I was also kinda nervous because I can get motion sick really easily as well so I can't go on a lot of rollercoasters and stuff sadly. I did try though. But I even got motion sick on the Madagascar boat ride thingy... :/
Anyways, if you ever go to Singapore - check with your hotel, some hotels have a FREE shuttle (if you show your passport) to universal studios, like ours did!
Free is my favorite price. ^.^
Squinting cause of the sun. I learnt something at Universal studios. I don't like Universal movies very much. ^.^ Lol. I like Shrek and Madagascar but I also dislike a lot of thier films. Not sure why. :D
(Mainly I hate Jarassic Park and The Mummy because they both scared me when I was a kid and now I hate them both,)

 We went on such a hot and humid day. It was quite terrible. You will see my hair as the  day goes on and it's just a big ol' ball of fizz. :/ How do people have nice hair in singapore. Really!?? WHAT IS YOUR SECRET!!??

 My ticket/ My ticket to ride the movie~
I love theme parks! I need to go to more theme parks in my life.

First stop. The ladies.
Lol. Look at the signage.
So cute!!
 So once the bathroom break was over, my friend insisted we make our way over to the Tranformers ride because last time she went it was a really long wait. So I snapped pictures as we walked along and I got some nice ones desipite my friend getting mad at me for taking too long!!

Where should we go first!??!

I would totally live on the the 3rd floor of this building. I think tha's how it works, because sound bounces at a 45 degree angle so 2nd floor would get the noise... I think? Can't remember. XD
Anyways, we made our way to the Transformers ride and I was really happy because it was only a five minute waiting time but I think it took like five minutes just to get to the line to get to the ride! Lol! Got to take pictures so it's fine. 

 Waiting in line and pufferfish face. XD These glasses look silly on me. Also.. my chin looks funny and small here. I think it's cute anyways.
I think this was the last picture before I went on the ride and Boooo. It gave me really really bad motion sickness I had to close my eyes once the action started because I felt so dizzy. I failed. So basically, the begining and the end were good. Lol.

 Shhhhhhh! Secret door! Can't tell you what's in it! It's a secret!
 Scaredy cat is me.

 We got out and the Seseme St play was on! I watched it cause I love Seseme St when I was younger. my friend was like... eh, why we watching this!?!?

JUSTICE LEAGUE!!! I love Justice league.
 World Premiere for the movie that I'm gonna star in. Lol.

  Movie posters, there was a show where they show you how they create a dramatic scene from a movie. It was really really good. I found it really enjoyable. If you like behind the scene things, you'll love this show!

 Hailing a taxi. I did a good job.

 Vintage cars! I want one. XD
Two rollercoasters! Looking at it, I thought they were gonna race or two in one rollercoaster but it's two rollercoasters.
Kiddie rollercoaster.

It's a food truck and it's called Marilyn's... Got Great Legs Roast Turkey legs. So funny. That's all the photos I got in New York... on wards... too....

 Recognize the tree!??!?

Remember don't feed the Foosa!!!

Wonder whose in here!?!?
 Merry - go - round. Lol! I like Merry - go - rounds! I liked it! We went on this after the boat ride that made me sick. :P Plus this ride had no line. ahahahaha.

 Yummy sorbet in fruit! They had many flavours too! I got pineapple because I have always wanted to eat (errr, drink) out of pineapple. ^.^
 So... after Madagascar... we went too...
 Far Far away.

And we saw shreks house!
We went on the 'kiddie' roller coaster. I got motion sick. The line was quite long for this one :/
But there was free wi-fi!
Cookie is sleeping on the job. Lol. 
We then went on the shrek 4D ride.... I really liked it but honestly, I got motion sick. AGAIN! I never got motion sickness this badly before. Ever. It was honestly ridiculous. I know I can get motion sick but it's not easy to make me sick, if that makes any sense...? But all the rides made me dizzy. Grrrrr.
But I saw Puss in Boots outside the suvenier shop!! :D
next we went to The Lost World... and omg... ew. Okay, there was this one ride - the water one?! I can't remember what it was called and my friend was like... we have to do it and I was like... dude, I hate water and I hate Jurassic Park. WHY WOULD I GO ON THIS RIDE?!?
And I ended up on the ride. The sign said it would only take ten minutes in line... we waited for 40 minutes! TT_TT
Hate waiting.
Plus we put our bags in the lockers cause it's a water ride, we didn't want them to get wet. So we really had nothing to do while we were waiting. So boring.
And I was like... I hope we don't get wet. To be honest, by the time we were on this ride I was like... finally. I just want to get on the ride. Ahahaha.
Fool is me.
And I'm sitting next to this cute little girl, she was maybe five? And she was wearing a cute little lady bug raincoat... so I'm like... oh maybe this ride will be fine. There's a kid next to me. Because I really didn't want to go on the ride anyways.
And it starts out all nice and I'm like... awww, this is okay. No getting wet. Then it starts to drizzle. And I'm like... ppoooooooo.
And I'm sill happy cause the raft is facing backwards so I can't see anything...
And then it gets all scary and the dinosaurs are escaping and the you go into the dark tunnel and I don't know what happened next because I just looked down and closed my eyes and listed to the little girls mum telling the girl everything thing wasn't real and it was all fake and she was such a brave girl. (and pretended she was talking to me,)
And of course I got the wet as well at the end. Just my luck . So my denim shorts got super wet. And denim doesn't dry that fast so I'm wet. TT_TT
And of course at the end, the little girl pips up and says she wasn't even scared and she can't wait to tell her dad how brave she was...
So embarrassing. A five year old is braver than me.
I just hate dinosaurs okay.
I'm just terrified of them okay.
(Also terrifed of zombies fyi,)
(Not afraid of spiders and insects or heights or flying or all that normal stuff. Nope, I am irratically afraid of random things no one else is,)
So we collected our things from the locker and just then it started to bucket down and rain. TT_TT
So I got even more soaked because to get to our bags, there was no cover or roof so had to walk in the down poor to get my umbrella.
So then we decided to take cover and get lunch...
So we had to walk all the way from the lost world to New York, and imagine Universal is a circle and The Lost World is at one end and New York is at the other.
But it's okay. I was just really happy I was at universal world having fun.... sorta.
And I do swear I did have fun there despite all the motion sickness and the scary dinosaurs. 

I got a buger/chip/drink deal. The drink is so big! XD 

Retro diner called Mel's Drive in. So cute! I really like it there.

Wahhhh! My new best friend! Lol. --------->

Sci-fi girl! I followed her for quite sometime to get a nice photo without other people and in the end she saw me and posed for me! :D

Onto Eygpt land. My friend when on a ride, I went to take photos! because there were many things to take photos of so I practiced taking photos of things.

Playing around with effects and stuffs. I like the bottom one best. Hate the second one but that's how you learn.

 My friend was all like.... take a photo of me on the roller coaster and I was like...
I didn't manage to see her on the rollercoaster at all either.

 My future car. Lol.
I DON'T EVEN KNOW WHY I DID THIS!? I thought it was funny but I'm not so sure now why I thought it was funny!?! The trees have faces! Lol
And I blocked out the random ladies face. Was trying to find a sexy face this was the closest one I could find....
My feet look tiny here. kekekeke. Anyways, I bought a mini oscar with a 'best brother' on it for my brother as a gift. He thought it was really funny even if it was a silly gift. It wasn't too expensive so I think it was worth the laugh.
One last picture of the Universal logo/globe before we left.
And went too candylicious!!

It was so cute! But I thought I could get a lot of the candy they sold here at home so I didn't get any. Plus, I started to get scared I was eating too much in Singapore and I needed to stop eating junk.
Yes, I still think about my diet on holidays.
Speaking of junk here's my dinner that night;

 Extra fishcakes... I don't know... I felt like it XD We got take away because I really really wanted ramen and my friend didn't. I swear I make friends with people that don't know what they want to eat too much. I make up my mind so quickly and have to wait ages for others... TT__TT anyways, we went back to the hotel and ate. I think this was just plain tokyo style ramen... ahhhh can't remember sorry!
 My friend gave me her salad. It was nice. I liked the dressing. I like salad most of the time anyways, the only way you can make a bad one is to put something in it I don't like. ^.^

My friend got stuffed potato in the end.
And then my friend and I got into an arguement... well... okay... not really, she got really angry and I was like... WHY ARE YOU ANGRY!?!
Basically, somehow soup came up while we were talking and eating and then... all of a sudden, she kept saying how soup isn't a meal, and it's only a side dish or something...
and I was all like, dude, you can eat whatever you want whenever you want whenever you want. You can eat cake for breakfast if that's what floats your boat.
And she was just really really angry over it. I don't get it.

What do you guys think!?
Can you eat soup for dinner or can you eat whatever you want, whenever you want!? 

 Last day in Singapore! Look at the pretty bouganvilleas. Becareful if you go to touch them, they have thorns!

 Lol. My friend was kinda not good at directing me. TT_TT
 HURRAH! The last thing we did this day, was see the merlion. I wanted to see it. I was looking forward to seeing it the whole time we were there.

 I saw kyary do it -_-;

 Last picture from Singapore from our hotel room.

 My drink - It was kiwi almond. It was so so so nice! Really refreshing.
 I miss how much food there was in Singapore. This pizza had a super thin base! Also like a chip. My friend gave me all the rocket. Nom nom nom. Yummy.
Place we ate - totally reccomend it.

We went to the airport like.. two hours early. I played pokemon while I wated and used the free wi-fi. I didn't really buy anything at the airport. There was nothing I really wanted...
But the Singapore airport is so nice! 

My little friend kept me company on the flight. I sat next to the window this time~

Awwww, the sky was rainbow but it doesn't translate at vibrantly in photos. TT_TT Oh well, hopefully you see it a bit!
The flight was pretty good. Since it was 5:00 pm tp 11:00 pm so no need to try to sleep.
I saw the coolest things ever, it was a massive cloud, with lightning going off in it. I watched it as long as I could.
It reminded me of of that cloud place in Skyward Sword... I can't remember what it's called... the one with the goddess statue in it and the monsters and you learn some song.... eh. 
Anyways, I was really really happy to come back home and I'm really looking foreward to my next holiday~ Hurrah!
Hope you liked the posts!!~ See you all real soon. Kekekeke.
bai bai!

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