Friday, April 12, 2013

Singapore - Part One

Hi! Hi!

I am back home :D

I'm happy but sad at the same time... 
I really enjoyed Singapore and being on Holiday... like... who doesn't though?

My holiday was only 6 days and I actually think it was long enough. I spent so much in Singapore... sobs. 

I left on the 28th at midnight and it was kinda meh.
Like, there was nothing wrong with it. We flew with a budget airline (not my choice please!) and it wasn't horrible but it's wasn't great obviously, it's budget airline. 
No food. 
No drinks
(No, means you have to pay for it XD) 
The seats were uncomfortable. 
There was a baby or a child, I don't know, and they didn't cry the whole way... just when I started to sleep. 
Anyways, we arrived at like... 5:30 am or something? I dunno. It was early. 
 horrible lighting and I'm not smiling because obviously I'm sleepy and confused (The airport is so massive!) 
Love my Liz Lisa top! It's a onepiece and I bought it like... I dunno why but I'm so glad I did. It's perfect to wear with leggings and for the flight because it was so comfy! 
Impulse buy wins! 

Our room! Nice and clean! Pretty standard hotel room. Can't complain. Happy they kept refilling the water bottles everyday too! Meant I didn't have to go buy new ones all the time. The staff there are super professional and just very helpful and nice. We were able to check in at 6am. Lucky. 
First things first. We napped. Til 9am. It was amazing

 First thing I bought in Singapore. Look at the little heart. So cute. Coffee is no cheaper in Singapore than in Perth TT_TT Why is coffee so expensive?! 

 Look at the cute cake selection!! LOOK!! So beautiful and yummy looking. This is at Bread Talk. We went there so much! I only ever bought one thing from there at a time. My friend bought two or three at a time. TT_TT

 Watsons was right near it. Sorta. Lol! Damage I did on day one. 
One of the eyeliners is for my friend - since I know she liked it. Might as well pick one one for her right!? 
The My Beauty Diary eyemasks didn't didn't really help, sadly. Normally MBD worked well for me. Not these. 
And I got to try brown eyelashes, these are so nice! Must try for any eyelash addict. 
If anyone wants a review on any items I will do it for you guys! Let me know! 

Later that day we went too Gardens by the Bay. I look stupid in this photo. I look stupid in all the photos. Gah! I must learnt to pose for the camera when someone else is taking the photo.
They decorated the whole area with these bunnies and streamers and eggs, I will show you in more pictures. 

 Cute!~ Bunnies everywhere! In all the colours of the rainbows.

    See? See? Eggs and bears everywhere! I took photos of all the flowers!! Like... over 100 photos.. T_T 
So I will share a phew of my favorites.

Okay, enough flowers! 
Gardens by the Bay have two domes, this one was the 'flower dome' and now on to the 'cloud forrest' I didn't know what a cloud forrest was before I went to Gardens by the Bay... 
And I still don't. 
But I know what ones looks like! 
Like this! 
  Looks nice huh!? 
It was also refreshingly cool in here. So nice! 

  Cloud Forrest was nice but basically it's educational so I was like... uninterested in most of it and just took pictures. Plus, turns out my friend is afraid of heights. Who knew?! 

 That night we went to to a chocolate buffet that night. I'm not a bit chocolate eater... but the tea was so nice there! ^.^ Worth it for the tea. 
Also... not my best make... or photo.  
Oh well. 

We had the chocolate buffet at The Fullerton, I think? It was good. My friend said that Singapore has like two chocolate buffets?! Crazy. You would think one is enough? 


I took photos out and about but because it was night they were all obviously crap
I suck at photography... 
 But here's one anyways! 
Lol. The next day we caught the MRT to China Town. 
I really liked Chinatown... but it got a bit repetative with the stuffs they were selling at all the stores
I bought some nice things to give as suveniers to everyone as everything was quite cheap too. 
It was really hot that day and it was really uncomfortable and I didn't bring my water with me. Sob.   
I didn't take any pictures. I remember getting back the the hotel early after noon and then  we went to the Singapore Flyer and on the way stopped for Satay. Friends idea. I don't like satay that much :/ 

I couldn't take pictures in the Flyer though I did try. 
It's nice in Singapore because you can walk everywhere without worry. We actually walked to the Flyer and back by ourselves. 
I thought the flyer was a bit pricey but I'm really happy I went on it. I wish I saw it at day time too because apparently you can even see into Malasia

Anyways... this post is getting a bit long and I want to break it up. Hopefully you liked my post. 
Oh actually, I wanted to ask. 
Would it be better to break up my holiday posts with other posts or should I just post them all and get them over and done with and out of the way?!?   
Let me know, please? 
Since I'm not sure what is better.  
Aw, okay. 
Bai bai guys~




  1. Yey I'm so glad you decided to come to Singapore! :) Wowww I didn't know they had Easter eggs at Gardens by the Bay! Lookin really cute in the photos :D

    1. Aw thank you!~ Chu, I look stupid in a lot of them though... Yeah... you could even go on an easter egg hunt... but it was definetly for kids... :/ I was pretty disappointed by that!!

  2. Oh really lovely your trip to Singapore!
    Looks like you have a lot of fun.

  3. the are good.
    And the photos of the trip are amazing

  4. wow! Singapore looks so good *-* I would love to go there too some day!
    It looks really good ^^
    I would be bad with shopping too, especially in foreign places, like "I will never get this chance again, I better buy it" haha!
    Also coffee is so expensive bc they can make a lot of profit on it :( I was complaining about it the other day and my friend told me, by selling about 5 coffees they cover enough for a whole bag of coffee beans (which makes hundreds of coffees) ToT
    Sorry for the rambling #^.^#
    I'm looking forward to the rest of your travel posts~~~

    1. O.O Really?!? That much profit!!?!? Gah! They should use that money to train staff too make coffees faster. Uhurhur. Sorry. I hate waiting for well, anything but waiting for coffee sucks the most. And yay!! I will hurry and edit all the other photos so I can update faster.... lol

  5. You don't look stupid in your pictures. It just looks like you are having fun :D

  6. Hi Berri,
    You look really sweet XD And I love the pics of Singapore, I've always wanted to go but I haven't made it so far (dunno why). The nightscape from the hotel looks amazing! It looks like you had a great time so far too, I'm looking forward to seeing more pictures.
    I impluse buy all the time and when I'm in another country I always over spend like crazy (usually it's fulled by the fact their currency is worth less so I'm getting more for my money) XD

    1. Yeah, impulse buying on holiday is fine - surely!?! Lol. And I think you woudl really like Singapore. It's a wonderful tourist destination and it's so safe and clean looking~
      Good luck, hopefully you make it there oneday~

  7. Lovely photos ^^

    The cakes just made me hungry ^^

    恵美より ♥

    1. They look picture perfect don't they!?!

  8. Waw!
    It was so cool how the arrow at the airport seemed to be pointing at you! XD
    I can't really see too clearly, but your outfit looks so cute!! <3

    1. Trust me, I saw the close up of my face in this picture. It's not pretty. I look like this; -_________________-' a bit. sorta. XD


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