Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Singapore - Part Two

Hi! Hi!

(Imma gonna pretend I didn't disappear for a few weeks for no reason and continue blogging like it didn't happen, k!?) 


I forgot to share this picture! I look it at the suvenier store at Gardens by the Bay! So perfectly hime right!? They were so heavy and I didn't think I could bring it home with me... 
So I took a photo. 

Anyways, on the Sunday, we had a brunch at Mezz9 (on Scotts Rd)! I think it's just called a champagne brunch and if you you are even in Singapore on a Sunday, it's a must in my opinion! 
Even better than the chocolate buffet. 
I must admit, when I got there I was like... this is not what I expected.... 
I was expecting white table clothes and an airy environment
It was not that. 
It was all dark wood and closed off XD 
I mean it was nice just not what I expected. 
Anyways, Champagne Brunch is also a buffet! 

First thing I got to eat, sushi and sashimi mix. It was nice but nothing really special or unique. But I love sushi and sashimi so it's fine!
 Really really nice miso soup. I like the tofu and the seaweed so much! 

 Tempure was horrible. Didn't like it. But the chicken meatball skewer was awesome! The second plate was yummy! I think I ate like... 5 pork buns in total. I really love pork buns it but it's really hard to find them in Perth. TT_TT Someone, please make pork buns and give them too me. 

Look how mini this buger is! I took the small plate on purpose so I can trick people. Mwahahaha. 
(Btw, don't worry guys, this is about as evil as I ever get! K??!)

See, more buns. I didn't lie. 
Also, at the brunch, they keep refilling your glass, since my friend had been there before but she never managed to ever get to the bottom of her glass of champagne before the waitress' refilled her glass so this time she tried to finish it.... 
To no success
She got close but before she got to the very bottom the waitress was standing next to our table with the bottle ready to refill it. :D 
They also didn't let you finish your glass of water.    
Ice cream! Yogurt and Mango! I loved both of these! The yogurt was good, I never had yogurt flavour. And on the second on I didn't like anything but the one in the jar. The jar was delicious
But the cake was gross. 

Then after, since we were already near orchard st.... 
I wanted to go shopping. 

I wanted to find  this store...

And after much searching and asking around and more looking...

Wanna see what I bought!? 
should I share!? 


 Isn't it so pretty!!? 
It's so pretty! I love it so much!!! I love the heart buckles and the bows on the sides and all the pockets and it's so nice! 
Weeeee, I love it so so so much!   
It has cute pale pink polka dot lining and gah! So happy!!! 

Then we went and got coffee afterwards. I tried Starbucks twice on my holiday. It may or may not surprise everyone but we don't have Starbucks in Perth. 
I like the green tea things! So yummy. 
Ridiculous right!? 


I never been to forever21 ever before and it was AMAZING! I want forever21 here! I bought 11 items there and I wish I bought more TT_TT 
I didn't take a photo of anything I bought at forever21 or H&M either. 
I bought Disney things at at Forever21! And I got the big yellow baggie too! 
Ahh. Amazing. 
I love forever21
I love forever21
I love forever21 
Okay that is all on that matter.          

And then that night, I looked at our itenerary and it said we were going to night safari but we did that on Monday. :/ 
I think we went to Marina Bay Sands that night. 
I was really happy because they had free wifi!! 
I could talk to my family and friends finally~ 

We had pizza! I can something with mushrooms and cheese. I thought it was nice! It had a lot of mushrooms. I wish the friend I went to Singapore liked sharing food with. I couldn't finish the pizza. 
(Don't worry, I ate the pizza and left the crust... must get money's worth right?!? Cause like... topping is worth more than dough, surely?!? LOL! Does anyone else do that!? Trying to eat the most expensive part for your meal and leaving the cheaper stuff, lol. Okay??!) 
Tbh, considering I waited half an hour to get a seat here it was so expensive. I mean, it was nice, it was nice just.... not amazing.
Friend like it so that's okay!   

At Marina Bay Sands has a Rosebullet there. 
It's so expensive. :/ 
The shoes were so nice too!! 
I wish I got a pair. 

They didn't have the bras or the PINK line there. Humph. But they had the make up bags and lotions and make up. 

I got something anyways! Also... some make up bags, I have a cousin names Victoria and I can just imagine her face when I give it too her!! 

And they also have Sephora! I got the Urban Decay Naked Palette and one of the new OZ palettes for my friends. ^.^ 
I have only given one of them to one of my friends her present and she really liked it. 
She was like... O.O You got this for ME??! Lol. I felt happy because she liked it. 

The next day we went to the ZOO! I took.... like... half a million pictures... okay... lie. 
But I did take a lot of photos. So  I will share them in another post... HURRAH! 
Baiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii guys!


  1. Lovely ....That bag has caught my eyes *__*

    恵美より ♥

    1. Kekeke. It's so nice, right?! <3 It's my baby~

  2. omg the bag and the mirrors are so cute!
    so hime style... I can't believe there is no forever21 in australia, they need one!

    1. I know. I know. I think we do have Forever21 but it's in Sydney?! Or Melbourne? Actually not sure. BUT I WANT IT! It's so awesome!! *.* Guess I'll just have to go back to Singapore. :D Wahahaha! And yes, baggie is cute and those mirrors. *.* Such mad regrets. Should have bought....

    Those mirrors are so perfect!
    As soon as I saw the pic, I was like: 'I NEED one!!!!'

    1. They are really cute! I think they would be a great DIY project too if you can find a nice mirror to deco!~


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