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Singapore - Part Three + Blog Love

Hi! Hi!

Third part of Singapore trip. Hopefully the last! Hurrah! 

So on the Monday, we did quite a bit! We went and did a pit of shopping, I believe, we also went to Bugis area... thing... I really liked it! 

I conned my friend into buying me something.... kekekeke. 

See, I starting to run outta cash at this stange and I didn't want to change money and Bugis' has these stalls some were so cute!! 
Lots of Sanrio Merch. 
So I saw this plush and of course all the stalls don't take card. 
I asked my friend (who had cash) to buy it for me (I would pay her back)
And thus I got the plushie I wanted, without paying for it. 

And your probably all like, what plushie!? 
Cinnamoroll is my favorite Sanrio Character! (My Melody is other favorite) (Cinnamoroll is so hard to find!)
(See pamyu?!? LoL!) 
(Monkey is called Kajo, and is my friends,)

Then, we decided to the Zoo in the afternoon. ^.^ 
We wanted to see the pandas. 
We caught the train and the bus to get to the zoo. 
Yay for cheap transport! 
No really, it was so inexpensive. It was amazing. 
(Public transportation in Perth is expensive) 
The bus ride was super long, but it was really green and vibrant. I felt like we were driving though a rainforest... which I guess it really was :/ 
My friend fell asleep on the bus so it was just me and my ipod. 
Singapore has some weird bus stops, like in the middle of no where. And people got off there.  
I don't know. 
And of course it started raining on the way there. 
Guess who didn't bring an umbrella?!? 
So I had to buy one :/
The rain stopped a bit after we bought umbrellas. 
*shakes head* 
So on we went. 
Singapore Zoo is really really big! 
I haven't been to a zoo.... mhhh, since I was like... 12 or 13? It was great! 
Look! I saw a cute otter!   

   There were six there, I think, and they were all playing in the water! Does anyone remember P, B and J? Lol. whenever I think of otters, I think of them! 

  White tigers!! There were so massive looking. There were only two. 
Next we saw the Hippos! A mummy and a baby Hippo!
And then another hippo came out! 
I saw a hippo swimming!~ Lol. Not something you see every day, right!?!? Right!? Maybe, if you live where ever hippos live.
  Apparently not an Emu. :/ I don't know my Australian creatures. Uhuhuhu. We saw kangaroos too! But I seen kangaroos before. 

 They had all lots of monkies but I didn't seem too take that many photos of all of them. At least the animals weren't too bothered by all the rain. 

 And we saw Elephants too!~ We sat there for a while, waiting for them to turn around... 
Awww.... but they were still cute, so I forgive them!

I dunno what animal this is!? I guess that's the best thing about the zoo. You can see animals you have never seen before.

  Guess what we saw next!?!? 

Look at it! It looks like a horse... but not. 

More animals!
 Lions. One lion was just sitting there. Like... chillin', all cool and stuff and the other just kept walking backward and forewards, backwards and forewards.... 
Non stop. 
I wonder what was bothering him so much. 

Last 'animals' we saw... my favorite!! Flamingos~ I love love love flamingos. So cute!! I took like... twenty photos of them, until my friend was like... 'let's go already,' Lol. I
There were lots more animals... but a lot I don't wanna over share photos, I guess. 


Merry-go-round. Wasn't working that day... and my friend infromed me it was only for kids. :/ I don't even...
Also... found this  hat in the suvenier shop. Do I look like a scary tiger?!! Probably not. :/ 
Then after the zoo we went over the the night safari, we had some time before it opened so we got some dinner at the outback burger place! I ate two burgers in two days in Singapore.  ONLY ON HOLIDAY PLEASE!! Can eat what I want. kekeke. Did I ever meantion didn't put on any kilos in Singapore!? Mad happy about that. ^.^ 

 Burger. It was okay. Can not complain much. I had tea in a jar. Which made me and my friend talk about jars or something. yep. Also. They have free wi-fi here, if you all go to Singapore, I saved you some searching!

Like, the one decent photo I got at the night safari. You see, you can't use flash at the night safari because you will hurt the poor animals' eyes. The show was really really good anyways. 

You have to travel around the night safari on a tram, and you can take pictures but with no flash, so obviously none of mine worked out. :( 
There's also a person on the tram that tells you all about the animals and where they live what they eat and stuff
The animals aren't caged in either. They roam around the safari. Some of the deer were really really really close to the tram! I could have reached out to pet them, but I was too scared becuse they aren't trained so they might have been scared. XD 
Also, if you're short like me, and like swining your legs, get a seat on the back. Kekekekeke. 

And then after that we caught a taxi back home. Friend fell asleep in the taxi. I must be super boring or something. 
I leave you with a bunch of random photos I can't remember what day I took them on and then, I willl share one more post on Singapore. Lol. X

I can't remember what day I bought this. I saw this in Topshop and I thought it was the funniest thing I have ever seen. I have a friend that calls me dork so I will have to wear it when I go out. XD 
I wish they had like... geek, or nerd. 
Nerd would have been awsome. 
 How cute are there mulberry bags!?! I like the little mint green one! They all have scollope edges and golden flower locks on them and golden chain hangles. So cute right!?!? 

 Easter Chocolate display somewhere we got lunch! 

Cute hairclips I bought with the last of my singapore change. ^.^ Exact amount too until I got home and found sixty cents TT_TT. Also. Can't find the hunny right now and that saddens me. 
Bunny! Come back to me!!!

I have never seen such bight and vivid frangipani's before~ Look!! Look! They are bright pink! they were really so pink they were nearly red in real life! How beautiful is that colour!?!? o.O 
Wish they grew here in that color, we only have white and baby pink

 Fishie spa! I went twice on holiday and I was super scared the first time. I actually don't like live fish at all so I was scared at first but then I didn't want to waste my money so I sucked it up and tried it for real. It's very nice actually!! If you ever get the opportunity to do it, try it! Even the once because trying new things is very important for life. :D 

 Just so I don't leave you all with an ugly pic of my legs/feet. Here's my breakfast one day. Ice coffee and blueberry muffin

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