Saturday, February 9, 2013

1, 2 , 3 and how (not) to be assertive!

Hi! Hi!

Today, my friend (I will call her Cream-Chan) went in to the city to do some shopping and just hang out together since we've both been working really hard lately we decided too just go and have fun and relax a bit. 
(We both work at the same place, by the way!) 

Plus we had too both buy presents for Honi-Chan's birthday. 
And make plans for Saturday. 
*Waicon is coming!* 

Since waicon was comming up, I didn't want too buy too many things, because I want too buy everything at wai con! 
I'll make a post for wai con later and tell you all about it then :) 

I was so hot that day... I just realized I didn't take an outfit photo TT_TT 


Anyways, we meet at um... a bit after ten am? 

I tried a new bubble tea place today, but I can not remember what it was called? It's a few shops down from Utopia on Williams St (I think it's Williams St?) Try it! Try it! It's nice! They have nice flavors too XD I tried Green tea with Yakult it was cold and refreshing for a hot day. 

And then we went with Myer (a department store in Australia) too buy... things...


I will tell you a story, Cream and I went too the shoe section of Myer, in the middle of the isle, there was a round table of shoes, and my favorite sign ever - 75% off the reduced price which means - bargins. Yay! 

They had reduced a a particular brand of shoes - I think they are getting rid of that brand maybe? 

Anyways, I was looking for bargins but we agreeed while walking around the table, we agreed the shoes were a bit... mature...
But then I saw a cute pair of peep toe shoes, in a size 6 which is Creams size ^.^ So she bought them Yay! 
They were only $25 and orginally they were $180.00! Okay, lie, they were 179.95 but close enough. 

Erm... what did we do next? 

Um... I think we just walked around and picked up a few things here and there and fills out bags with things. 

I bought quite a few things, but I feel like I got a few good deals so I'm not too upset about buying as much as I did. 

Then we went too lunch, I originally, wanted Crepe for lunch but my friend didn't so we walked around the whole food court until we wound up at the Crepe place again... -_-' 

Oh well! 

I got Egg and Ham! 
It was so nice... but the sauce all dropped too the bottom of the crepe so the last bite was not that pleasant too eat. 


And then, Cream found a present for Honi Chan and we walked around and I got the one popteen from 2012 that I didn't have! 

After the long walk to the shop, we were hot so we went too McDonalds too get something cold to drink (me!) and eat (Cream!) 

I bought these from The Face Shop to try I really wanted the try the star fruit and blood orange ones, but I decided too get all three :) Wish I didn't though - these are super expensive... Face shop - Y U NO PUT PRICES?!

Then we went too my house to finally relax and rest up before Honi-chan's bithday dinner. 
And eat. 
Because the dinner was booked for really really late (in my opinion) and we were hungry. 

The place she chose was over half an hour a way from my home!! And even longer from Cream's place because she lives even further East that I do!!! 

We arrived on time, but the resturant was so cold - I wasn't expecting this since all day was so hot. I was so uncomfotable. 
Because I hate, hate, hate being cold.

Cream and I were like... who else is comming?? Since the table was booked for five... soon after a random girl sits with us and she is Honi's cousin and we just talk a bit. 

And then Honi arrives half an hour later TT_TT 


So annoying!! 
It's now eight o'clock and we haven't even ordered yet!! 
Cream and I just camwhored a lot and that made everything fun again. 

Mine and Cream's drinks... I didn't really enjoy mine and neither did Cream. TT_TT Mine was nice, don't get me wrong, but it was a mango drink and it didn't really taste like mango...

Of course I was so hungry I didn't take photos of our food.

Then the night ended about 10? I think? 

And then I got home... at like... 11:00 in the end TT_TT 

Oh well. At least Honi liked her gifts... so success!? 

On Saturday was as I like too call it; the best day ever, but I guess it's proper name is Waicon! 
It's a convention to the city I live in, and it's really just an anime/manga convention but they have other things too; it's more like a Japanese culture expo since they sometimes they have Kimono or Lolita fashion shows and bonsai showings and martial arts and so on. :D 

I look foreward too waicon every year since it never fails too disspoint me ^.^ Every Waicon I look foreward too the Cosplay contest- it's amazing! 
Anyways, Cream-chan after years and years and years finally have the opportunity too come with me!! YAY! 
We pre-ordered our tickets but then we got there really early because the line is always soooo long. 

This year, they were so super organzied! ^.^ it's amazing thinking when I first went and how different it is now.

(It's so much bigger!) 

I look stupid here but all the others were blurry.

First we had too go to the opening ceremony and then my friend and I went to a showing, which they just have a variety of different animes showing in different rooms through out the day. I really liked the anime I saw, I want too watch it. It's good when you like something you didn't think you would, yes? 

So then, finally! We went shopping! All the  stalls have such nice things, I bought too much and if I had more money, I could have bought more!!! 

They sell so much at Wai-con, from DVDs and animes to plushies and pillows to cosplays and costumes and art work to the cutest decon hand made items. 

I always love to buy all the handmade decon stuff :D 

Like this cute frame - I don't have a picture for it and a few decos fell off in the bag I was carring on the way home TT_TT Oh well, I can still fix it!

And DVDs. 
Because I buy manga all the time, but I never buy the DVDs, and since it's the only place I can directly buy MADMAN I buy it at Waicon (or Supernova!) These are all the DVDs I got! I got Chobits, and both Card Captor Sakura's on saturday and Panty and Stockwith with Garter Belt and Lucky Star on Sunday. I'm over half way through Chobits and I've seen CCS and LS!

So then after we, sat around and ate some food - Omg, the sushi I bought was so expensive!!! $7.00!!! For normal plain sushi! That is ridiculous. 
Cream and I sat around for a while, and I played with the alpaca plushies I bought and I named them - Milky and Pamyu. 
After Tsubasa and Kyary. 

And then it's finally time for COSPLAY contest! 
So many people crowded around for it, we had too push too the front. 
It was really really good this year, ohmygosh, the standard for cosplay is so so so high!! I always dreamed of entering but everyone is so crazy good, I wouldn't even dream of it anymore TT_TT. 

 Anyways, I was totally happy with our seats, we were center and in front/middle and there were no tall people in front of us but then, SOME TOTALLY RANDOM GIANT WITH DREADLOCKS SITS NEXT TOO ME!! 
He smelt kinda funny too. 
Okay, okay, he wasn't really a giant but compared to tiny me, he was probably three times my size! (Btw, he was also wearing a hawaiian print shirt too, picture that,) 
Anyways, the fact that he was sitting next too me, was not that bad... I guess I can't choose who I sit next too.
BUT! He kept trying too talk too me the whole time!! 
I'm sitting here with my friend, laughing at the comedian who hosts the show (He's very funny, please! I don't want to miss a good punchline!!!) 
Picture this, I'm wearing, my alpaca ear muffs too, this seams ridiculous, WHY WOULD YOU TALK TOO SOMEONE WHO IS WEARING EARMUFFS!? Please! 
So I tried not too talk too him too much, because like... cosplay contest!! I want too watch, I don't want too talk too anyone. (Don't worry, I wasn't rude!)
And then like... half way through the show, I realize his arm must have fallen off the arm rest, and then was ON MY SEAT like, RIGHT NEXT TOO MY LEG!!! 
I wasn't gonna say anything... 
I told him too move his arm. 
I was totally assertive, okay!? 
Normally, I wouldn't say anything, please but I said something. I was very proud of myself. 
*pat on the back!* 
I totally stood up for myself.
LIKE WHY YOUR ARM THERE?!? PLEASE!? That's just gross.  
Some people have no idea of personal space... Like... you have a whole seat and I let you have the arm rest, why do you need too take my chair too!?
So rude. 
 But, like... also... then, when the show is over, this guy turns too me, and is like... the show was really good, what's you name?!?! 

Are you kidding me?! When did the whole two hour show, did I even come off as remotely interested??! YOU ANNOYED ME SO MANY WAYS, WHY WOULD I WANT TOO TALK TOO YOU?!? 
(BTW, I just said, the show was good, and I need to go because I need to be somewhere else and grabbed my friend and all our plushies and basically ran out of the theater.)

ARGH. >:( 

Angry, just thinking about it. Stupid dreadlock guy with no boundies. 
And his hair sucks. 

 After my friend was like... what happened, I wish I had just asked her too swap seats when this guy was annoying me.... -_-' 

I guess next time? 

I still enjoyed cosplay though! I always do :) 

Anyways, we went and walked around and bought more things and then we went home ^.^
We were orginally planning too go to dinner but then, we decided to go home, since night before was so late, and then today, so early and then saturday was so much walking and doing things, we were both exhausted!! 

 Both girls!! Really cool cosplay neh! They were in character THE WHOLE DAY! Or... when I saw them anyways...
 Beautiful Ulitmate Madoka cosplay! Sorry it's so dark... I couldn't move the manquin TT_TT

Rapunzel wig - weighed 4 kg!!

 White and Arcanine! So good! The eyes even lit up!!

I ended up going on sunday as well! 
I wanted too watch cosplay AGAIN!! 
Since the hosts last show was today, I wanted too see him again because I really really liked him, he was so funny and he really did make cosplay contest what it was... John, you will be missed!! 

Luckily this time, I was sitting next to two cute teenage girls, they were both quite and didn't talk to me or have dreadlocks!! 

Ohmygosh, the cutest thing happened at cosplay, the second last contestants, they were cosplaying and then... like... all of a sudden, THE BOY PROPOSED TO HIS GIRLFRIEND!!! 
It was so cute I was crying. 
Everyone stood up and clapped for them and she was crying so much and I'm tearing up just thinking about it. ^.^  
I don't think they will ever read my blog, but I hope you both have a nice wedding and a happy marriage

And then I bought more things after then went home

(For dinner, I went and saw my aunty's new house with my family, see, I had such a busy week end! I was barely even home,


But now, I will for real, start saving for my holiday

Please ignore, all the things I've bought online this week. 

I finish off with my favorite photo of the day! ME AND THE COSPLAY HOST!!



  1. It sounds like you had a really good time! I love the colour of your wig~~ I love pastel hair lol. And your alapacas are so cuuute! I really need to get myself some ha ha!
    I have also always wanted to cosplay... one day, maybe! ^_^

    1. I had an awsome time!! :) And I love this wig so much. My favorite, okay!? And I wish I had bought more alpacas... TT_TT

  2. Hahaa <3 Your writing was super fun to read ^^
    x, Lara

  3. you've been so busy lately.. you look super cute ♥

    1. Ahaha, yes!! I was very tired by the end of the week believe me!

  4. Oh really cute and lovely pics sweetie.


  5. Aw, it sounds like you had a lot of fun! (Minus having to sit next to Mr. Dreadlocks of course). I love the way you write, it's so much fun to read! c:

    Michelle ♥
    The Girly Gamer

    1. aw, thank you so much! That's really sweet of you to say. And yeah, dreadlocks are gross. :/


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