Saturday, January 5, 2013

I like your shoes~

Hi! Hi!!

Two nights ago was my birthday. 
I actually had a pretty good birthday this year! 
I didn't get many gifts on my birthday since it was mostly with family. I'm sure other people's families are different but mine isn't a big with gift giving. :/ 
But year we just went out too dinner too celebrate. I thought my outfit was cute so I will share it! 

Oh hai! I got a full length mirror finally. Hur hur hur.

Singlet is Liz Lisa
Bracelet is Liz Lisa (It's too big for my wrists TT_TT!)
Skirt is Tokito (old and too big!)
Shoes are Liz Lisa (Love Love Love these chu~)
Earrings are EkiLove but you can't see... okay, I did take a pic... but I accidentally deleted... whoops

Do you guys ever have stories on your clothes? I have one on this skirt... I wear it ever summer when I got out too dinner because it's big so I can eat a lot. XD I have good memories in this skirt please!

Oh wait, I have one about my shoes too now!
When I was at the restaurant there was some girl staring at me when we arrived but I didn't think anything of it. 
But later on my mum pointed out she was glaring the whole night! o.o !
As we were leaving she rushed up and askes me where I bought them!! :D 
Ahhhhh! She wasn't angry at me. Phew. 
Mwahahahaha! My shoes are so awesome!
End of story.

Baggy and phoney.
I took a photo of my food :)
Pollo e Melanzane = Eggplant and Chicken it was soooo yummy! I love eggplant so much!!

I had ice cream cake!! YUMMY!


I share with you a sneak peak of Saturdays outfit - If I wear it that will be another story.

I love pale yellow so much!
I got a new calender! I got this free with my purchase!! It's so super pretty!! I love it so much! I was too lazy to go look for one so I'm happy I got this for free with purchase!!
Gah! I love it so much!

Okay I will share with you another post what ELSE I did for my birthday. Yes. There's more. Chu!
Bai Bai!



  1. Happy belated Birthday :) My family is the same, we don't give each other gifts, but at least your family acknowledges your bday, mine don't O_o;

    Adorable outfit! I need a full length mirror, too! The sneak peak outfit looks amazing!

    lol I'm probably the only girl who isn't a huge fan of liz lisa :/

    nyuu }

    1. Thank you! :) Oh, that's not fair that they don't acknowledge your birthday:( Mine normally gets ignored cause it's so close to Christmas :/
      I bought mine for less than $10!! You don't need to spend a lot too find a decent one!
      And... say what!?! No way!? Aw, that's alright, I'm sure you just like other things, right?!

  2. Oh, we're Capricorn buddies! Mine is two days after Christmas, and I'm consistently surprised when people *do* remember my birthday, lol.

    Ahh, I'm so jealous of your LL shoes. I think I might be too big for them, since I'm a solid 8.5US. I wish I could find a good source of replicas on Taobao.

    1. Oh YAY! I'm glad I always feel left out, I never have any Capricorn friends- so let's be friends :) AHaha!
      And thank you so much! I love them too! They are so comfy but these definitely are a tight fit, even at a 7.5 I found these tight to begin with :( I know SweetGyaruShop has them in larger sizes as well, but I know they get mixed reviews :/ can try though?!
      Thanks for stopping by!

  3. I hope you had a nice birthday!~~
    Your cake looks so nice! Your shoes are so cute too ^^ no wonder she was staring ha ha there is nothing like Liz Lisa!!

    1. Aw, thank you! MY cake was delicious fyi, so yummy <3 And yep! I totally agree, Liz Lisa is really one of a kind that's why I love it!


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