Monday, January 21, 2013

Diary: What's bothering you?!

Hi! Hi!

How are you all?!

Today, I have a bit of a different post...

But, too be honest, I just wanted to get some thoughts off my chest cause they're starting too annoy me and make me angry. So, before I let them fester I'm just going too write everything out and let it go so it doesn't bother me any more.
Is that okay?
But basically I have this friend - I will call her Honi-chan... and she's been a very good friend over the years - eight years! We've been friends since the beginning of High School. So yes, a long time, but as you can imagine, things don't stay the same do they?
Sadly, I don't think my friend and I have very much in common any more.
But sometimes, people that don't have things in common can still be friends right!?

So I guess I should explain why this is bothering me...
Well, I don't think she's being a good friend lately!
She hasn't really done anything to hurt me, not at all.
Nothing like that.
It's just she does nothing.
Nothing at all.

And you're probably like, well, then what's the problem?!
(Or maybe you know someone like that, and you're like, I know what you mean, eh)

I still like my friend but sometimes she does things I don't understand.
Like she never texts or calls me.
Okay, I admit, in high school she never called anyway so that doesn't count.
But she never texts me first anymore.
She always only texts me when she knows one of our mutual friends birthdays are coming up.
Which I never really understood, since all the event now are on Facebook, she can check it herself?
(Plus, it just makes me feel really silly for always telling her what the events are, because then I just feel like I'm only useful to her too check facebook for her...)
And then there's the only time she wants to hang out, is when we go shopping in the city and when I or my other friends plan something other than that, she doesn't want too do it.
She likes going out too dinner too which I like too.
That's fine! I have no problem with that either.
I don't really like shopping that much though, since when I got too the city I always buy too much XD I prefer to go online shopping. I can manage my money better online, you see.
And I don't get why she likes to go shopping when you have nothing to buy either.
She's good, not like me, I just buy lots of random things, I don't need.
Apart of me doesn't like inviting her, because I know she doesn't have a job and no income so I don't want to invite her, cause she doesn't have the money.
I know it's none of my business and she's never stated that something was 'too expensive' for her too do.
But I know.
If I didn't have a job or money, I wouldn't want anyone tempting me. :(
Ahaha, anyway, side tracked.
She never plans anything, really, she just waits for others too plan things and get invited.
Which bugs me, because I'm always the one that asks the others; can Honi come?!
I sound like I need her with me...
But I want my friend too come with us too because she matters too me. :/
I wonder if she would do the same for me as well...

And then there's the times, when we plan something for something special, like New Years Eve or we plan too go to a convention together.
And ahm, she completely blows me off very last minute.
Hours before hand actually.
And can't come because of a... well, a silly excuse in my opinion.
See, if you're only meeting your friends for coffee, it's fine too blow it off with a silly excuse because it's not really that important.
But if you've say, already bought tickets to an event or it's a monumental day, you should not blow it off for a silly excuse. (A silly excuse would be blaming the weather for not coming to a party! Or mixing up the dates, when you already bought the ticket that stated the date on it!)
(These are both true!)

But basically, I don't feel like I haven't done anything too be and less of a friend but I don't feel like it's being reciprocated or appreciated.
Like; I downloaded the Pretty Little Liars Season 2 for her and I told her when it finished downloading, too invite me over and I would give it too her as I already had it on my hard drive ready.
And she never invited me over ...
(Late found out, instead of inviting me over, she was buying it off itunes... -_-')
Am I really bad house guest or something!?
Huh? Why did she want to pay for it  when I had it for free?
There have been other situations where I've done things, like I gave her my free face mask from Lush because she kept saying she wanted to try them.
So I have five tubs and they take the tubs and give you a free face mask for recycling them. :D
So I let her have my free tub since I don't really need anymore masks - I have so many.
Later on I asked her if she liked it.
And she told me she never used it!! >:(
I was really upset. I thought she wanted to try it really badly, so I gave her mine, and she never used it! I could have kept it and used it if that was the case.
Urgh now I'm just whining....
But am I being silly and over looking into everything?! Or am I just being mean!?
I really want to be friends with Honi-chan but I know I can't change people and I'm sure I have my own annoying traits too...
Or am I right?! If someone doesn't put in enough to maintain a friendship, can it continue to grow?!
I'm going to go do some stuff.
Hopefully, by writing this, I stop thinking about these things...


Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Liz Lisa haul + other things

Hi! Hi!

Do you all like my new background?? Personally I think it's much better than boring plain white.
I think it's nice anyway :P

if you like it you can use it here as well;

It's been really hot here lately - and I mean hot! It's not very pleasant but today is much cooler than the last few days which is really nice.

I bought a few things on Liz Lisa again, so I will share with you what I got ^.^ I will stop spending now as I have to start saving money for a few things;

- Waicon is the 2nd of Feb
- My trip in March
(Note: I want to save for a Samantha Thavasa bag as well.)
- COMICON! First year in Perth! I can't wait.
- SuperNova but to be honest that's much later in the year...
- Possibly other trip which I won't mention because it's not booked and I won't jinx myself.
- Possibly the WiiU when there's a good game released on it (waiting for super smash brothers or a new Mario game)
- POKEMON! October!
- Other games.

k. Can keep adding but I will stop now...

A lot of things will be taking my money this year TT_TT but I will save well and I can manage I think.
I will try to be cheaper when meeting my friends and spend less recreationally. (Although this doesn't mean I won't see my friends - I will just go get desert and go for a walk with them instead of say, shopping or sharing meals instead of having a whole one to myself!)

I will now show my haul...
I bought some winter things, even though I just said it was hot. (LOL!)
That's okay though, I'm used to buying out of season anyways, and since I don't cut the tag off until I wear the item, it still feels 'new' too me.

This winter dress. Normally in winter I wear jeans only so it'll be fun to have a dress I can wear! I can wear this with white tights but I'm hoping I can find other colours to wear with this too - I think baby pink would look nice.

I think it looks exactly the same as the picture! :D It's very warm and it's so swishy and twirly. :P Yes. I made up words.
And the back of the dress! Comes with an attachable bow.
Buttons down the front of the dress and cute little lace panels. 

Button. It's very cute. 
Lace detail on the sleeve. It's not too much either.

I kinda feel in love with this online. XD It's so princessy and cute! I dunno how to wear it though but it'll be cute for a birthday or a celebration right?!

I know I said I was gonna wear this maybe on Saturday but I didn't end up wearing it. I decided it would have been too dressy - I was right. 


And finally these! They are pretty, right!? They weren't very popular on the website though -_-'
I think these are a cute pair of night time shoes! (I would never wear these during the day, okay!?)
So I now have a day and a night pair of shoes from Liz Lisa and I think that's enough, I have quite a few shoes now so I need to clean them out.

I can't remember how much I got these for, but I got them on sale, but not the sale that's on now? But yeah, the platform is really high and the heels are thick. I feel really stable in these as well, the grips on these are amazing by the way, I don't feel like I can slip in these at all! (same with the other Liz Lisa heels I have!)
I think I want to do a Liz Lisa shoe post, because when I went looking for one, I couldn't find one...

But yes... that is everything I got. Quite a lot I think...

On the 6th my friends and I went out to dinner, one of my friends just got back from holiday and we all wanted to see her... but too be perfectly honest, it was a bad idea. It was just so hot! It made the night very unpleasant but the food was really good - we went to Is Don Burri which is really delicious and quite affordable too! If you live in Perth or ever come visit (Hi!) I recommend eating here as it's really good!
Takoyaki! My friend and I shared this - so yummy! I love Takoyaki but probably because I love octopus.

Yuzuade! I had never had this before but they made it fresh and it was delicious and refreshing. It tasted like... sour lemonade? A bit!? Still I really liked it! If you get the chance to try it, you should!

And dinner! Miso Chicken Don Burri with Egg and salad on the side. It was so yummy but very filling I didn't finish it but I wish I had! They even put fresh seaweed in the salad and it was delicious! I had never had it before!

I think that will be all for this very long, very rambly post... I talk too much, huh!?


Saturday, January 5, 2013

I like your shoes~

Hi! Hi!!

Two nights ago was my birthday. 
I actually had a pretty good birthday this year! 
I didn't get many gifts on my birthday since it was mostly with family. I'm sure other people's families are different but mine isn't a big with gift giving. :/ 
But year we just went out too dinner too celebrate. I thought my outfit was cute so I will share it! 

Oh hai! I got a full length mirror finally. Hur hur hur.

Singlet is Liz Lisa
Bracelet is Liz Lisa (It's too big for my wrists TT_TT!)
Skirt is Tokito (old and too big!)
Shoes are Liz Lisa (Love Love Love these chu~)
Earrings are EkiLove but you can't see... okay, I did take a pic... but I accidentally deleted... whoops

Do you guys ever have stories on your clothes? I have one on this skirt... I wear it ever summer when I got out too dinner because it's big so I can eat a lot. XD I have good memories in this skirt please!

Oh wait, I have one about my shoes too now!
When I was at the restaurant there was some girl staring at me when we arrived but I didn't think anything of it. 
But later on my mum pointed out she was glaring the whole night! o.o !
As we were leaving she rushed up and askes me where I bought them!! :D 
Ahhhhh! She wasn't angry at me. Phew. 
Mwahahahaha! My shoes are so awesome!
End of story.

Baggy and phoney.
I took a photo of my food :)
Pollo e Melanzane = Eggplant and Chicken it was soooo yummy! I love eggplant so much!!

I had ice cream cake!! YUMMY!


I share with you a sneak peak of Saturdays outfit - If I wear it that will be another story.

I love pale yellow so much!
I got a new calender! I got this free with my purchase!! It's so super pretty!! I love it so much! I was too lazy to go look for one so I'm happy I got this for free with purchase!!
Gah! I love it so much!

Okay I will share with you another post what ELSE I did for my birthday. Yes. There's more. Chu!
Bai Bai!

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