Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Tra La La

Hi! Hi!

I was a bit bored today and was browsing Tralala online store. I found this set a while ago and have been thinking about it ever since.

It's so cute!! I really love the red one! But I got this one;
The green because I think I'm gonna wear this on Christmas day! XD
(I'm being organized,)
(And it's on sale right now!)
- Can I just mention how much I love that you can buy the sets online? Like the bottom and the top? Makes choosing an outfit so easy because it's already done for you plus I think it's cheaper to buy sets as well because companies often offer discounts or cheaper prices for doing so. Save money AND time! Yes. This is good. 
I really like Tralala - not as much as Liz Lisa of course but I like the look of a lot of their things. I found this dress I liked but I decided to miss this time.
I bought two other things (all on sale!) and I'll show them too you when the parcel arrives. (And now I will for real start saving for my holiday next year...)
Now tell me how you're going.



  1. Cute dress! I like some of the Tra la la, but I find them less appealing than standard Liz Lisa, like you. Where are you going on holiday?

    1. I like most of the things from this current collection. It reminds me more of school girl fashion for some reason? Plus I'm more used to black than pinks and white so I find Tralala more comforting somehow. Oh, I'm going to Singapore next year. I'm really looking forward too it! I haven't been on a plane overseas for over 6 years now TT_TT I think I'm due. (Shame it wasn't Japan- I tried to talk my friend into it and she wouldn't have any of it)


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