Saturday, October 27, 2012

New Lenses! Angelic Bambi Eye: Grey! (Drawing Challenge: Day 5)

Hi! Hi!
I bought some new lenses awhile ago and they have finally arrived!
Originally I purchased two but I'm saving the other ones for later as I bought those ones with a particular occasion in mind.
I had wanted to try this particular range for a while now actually...
It's the Angelic Eye Range. They are new on HoneyColor but I don't know who else carries them?
But when I saw them I knew I wanted them.
(I originally held off for a while because they were new and had no reviews,)
I had originally complained when I bought these and put them in the lenses case saying they looked really colourless...?
Here I'll show you a picture.
Note: I mucked around with the saturation a bit to make it more vivid. But as you can see... they are very... well...
what's the word I'm looking for? Pale? Colourless? Bland? I'm not sure... but I was kinda disappointed when I saw them?
But I decided to try them in the eye anyways.
Because you know. I did pay for them. 
I'm glad too say. I'm happy to be proven wrong/
I really like these in the eye.
They are 14.5mm so they are enlarging and with the detailed black rim they really add to the eye and make them look much larger. (YAY!)
And the light brown with the grey really adds a nice gradation to the eye so it doesn't look fake. (If you have brown eyes, and lots of depth if you have lighter eyes,)
These are just really pretty.
The other other lenses I wear right now are Beaucon Jewel and they are a 'solid' gradation of colour so these are completely different.

Anyhoo. See for yourselves.

Please ignore how ugly my eyes are without make up.
Top one is one eye - see how enlarging it is?!
And see what a difference both makes too the eye?
Nice huh!?
I took these in natural lighting and obviously, in Australia it's really sunny outside so... I did take some flash...

They are nice right!?
They are obviously very vivid in bright lighting and the grey is much more obvious.
(No lower lashes because I was in a rush to get ready and stuffed up that eye area, I need more practice,)

But they are so nice and they are super comfy too. 

Random question; when you wear eye lenses for the very first time (I mean any new lenses) does it hurt your eyes? The first 2-3 times I've tried lenses they hurt my eyes or not hurt... but I can feel them, I guess is a better way of saying it. But after a few wears this feeling goes away and I have no discomfort what-so-ever.
But yes, let me know if you have that feeling or anyways to get over it if there's such a thing. Aha.

Important Info: 
Diameter: 14.5mm
Base Curve: 8.6
Water Content: 45% 
Disposal: One year
These lenses are comfortable and enlarging. 
I love the design and the colour but these are best saved for flash photography or days outside on  a sunny day if you want the colour too show up. 
I of course got mine from Honeycolor. When you purchase these they also come with a free animal lenses case. 
As shown above ^.^ I got two elepahants this time and they are so cute! I almost like them more than my piggy one. 

But I think that's all for this post, I just wanted to show one of the new lenses I got and I hope you liked them. 
(l also bought some eyelashes because I can't help myself here's one of the new ones I got simply because I was curious about the pattern of these! I hope I like them as much as number 14) 

And also, because I'm too lazy to make a new post for day 5... 

It was draw your best friend and I'm like... I dunno who to draw so... I drew something to imply friendship... TEA! 

(P.S. Please let me know if I'm doing an okay job reviewing things, I would like too improve and learn more so... yes! Let me know where I can improve or what  I should include, because I am still learning okay!) 


  1. That was a great review. Those lenses are STUNNING!

    I recently bought Pinky Eye in grey, but if I'd seen this first, I probably would have bought these ones.

    Regarding comfort. I find, when I first put lenses in, first time, or last time, my eyes stream for a while. Dunno why. Then they calm down and are fine.

    I do find that the first few tries are more uncomfortable than latter tries. Maybe it's because they need to soak in solution longer than they recommend, or maybe it's just that our eyes get used to them. Who knows? Either way, I've noticed it too.

    1. So... I'm not a weirdo that freaks out with new contacts!?! Phew! Aha!
      I've never heard anyone mention it before. oh well.
      And yes! These are super nice! I like the look of the brown and purple too! Try them out next time you're looking for lenses! I tots recommend them.

  2. I like your cirlce lenses! Your eyes look big with those CL! :) I like your eyelashes too!

    1. Thank you!!
      They are Jealousness I think number 8! I reviewed them a while ago too!
      I like them too they are very comfy! And yay! Large eyes!! HURRAH


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