Saturday, October 27, 2012

New Lenses! Angelic Bambi Eye: Grey! (Drawing Challenge: Day 5)

Hi! Hi!
I bought some new lenses awhile ago and they have finally arrived!
Originally I purchased two but I'm saving the other ones for later as I bought those ones with a particular occasion in mind.
I had wanted to try this particular range for a while now actually...
It's the Angelic Eye Range. They are new on HoneyColor but I don't know who else carries them?
But when I saw them I knew I wanted them.
(I originally held off for a while because they were new and had no reviews,)
I had originally complained when I bought these and put them in the lenses case saying they looked really colourless...?
Here I'll show you a picture.
Note: I mucked around with the saturation a bit to make it more vivid. But as you can see... they are very... well...
what's the word I'm looking for? Pale? Colourless? Bland? I'm not sure... but I was kinda disappointed when I saw them?
But I decided to try them in the eye anyways.
Because you know. I did pay for them. 
I'm glad too say. I'm happy to be proven wrong/
I really like these in the eye.
They are 14.5mm so they are enlarging and with the detailed black rim they really add to the eye and make them look much larger. (YAY!)
And the light brown with the grey really adds a nice gradation to the eye so it doesn't look fake. (If you have brown eyes, and lots of depth if you have lighter eyes,)
These are just really pretty.
The other other lenses I wear right now are Beaucon Jewel and they are a 'solid' gradation of colour so these are completely different.

Anyhoo. See for yourselves.

Please ignore how ugly my eyes are without make up.
Top one is one eye - see how enlarging it is?!
And see what a difference both makes too the eye?
Nice huh!?
I took these in natural lighting and obviously, in Australia it's really sunny outside so... I did take some flash...

They are nice right!?
They are obviously very vivid in bright lighting and the grey is much more obvious.
(No lower lashes because I was in a rush to get ready and stuffed up that eye area, I need more practice,)

But they are so nice and they are super comfy too. 

Random question; when you wear eye lenses for the very first time (I mean any new lenses) does it hurt your eyes? The first 2-3 times I've tried lenses they hurt my eyes or not hurt... but I can feel them, I guess is a better way of saying it. But after a few wears this feeling goes away and I have no discomfort what-so-ever.
But yes, let me know if you have that feeling or anyways to get over it if there's such a thing. Aha.

Important Info: 
Diameter: 14.5mm
Base Curve: 8.6
Water Content: 45% 
Disposal: One year
These lenses are comfortable and enlarging. 
I love the design and the colour but these are best saved for flash photography or days outside on  a sunny day if you want the colour too show up. 
I of course got mine from Honeycolor. When you purchase these they also come with a free animal lenses case. 
As shown above ^.^ I got two elepahants this time and they are so cute! I almost like them more than my piggy one. 

But I think that's all for this post, I just wanted to show one of the new lenses I got and I hope you liked them. 
(l also bought some eyelashes because I can't help myself here's one of the new ones I got simply because I was curious about the pattern of these! I hope I like them as much as number 14) 

And also, because I'm too lazy to make a new post for day 5... 

It was draw your best friend and I'm like... I dunno who to draw so... I drew something to imply friendship... TEA! 

(P.S. Please let me know if I'm doing an okay job reviewing things, I would like too improve and learn more so... yes! Let me know where I can improve or what  I should include, because I am still learning okay!) 

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Tra La La

Hi! Hi!

I was a bit bored today and was browsing Tralala online store. I found this set a while ago and have been thinking about it ever since.

It's so cute!! I really love the red one! But I got this one;
The green because I think I'm gonna wear this on Christmas day! XD
(I'm being organized,)
(And it's on sale right now!)
- Can I just mention how much I love that you can buy the sets online? Like the bottom and the top? Makes choosing an outfit so easy because it's already done for you plus I think it's cheaper to buy sets as well because companies often offer discounts or cheaper prices for doing so. Save money AND time! Yes. This is good. 
I really like Tralala - not as much as Liz Lisa of course but I like the look of a lot of their things. I found this dress I liked but I decided to miss this time.
I bought two other things (all on sale!) and I'll show them too you when the parcel arrives. (And now I will for real start saving for my holiday next year...)
Now tell me how you're going.


Friday, October 19, 2012

Shopping day!

Hi! Hi!
welcome back!

Today was a super nice day out so I went shopping with a dear friend!
(Actually the main goal of today was to go to Timezone and play games - which we did and it was a lot of fun!! They got a new game and it's like DDR but it's with your hands and you press the buttons in time, it's a lot of fun! My friend and I are now very obsessed with it too say the least)
But yeah, we went to the city to go shopping since my friend wanted to buy another friend a present for her birthday and I wanted to pick up a few bits and bobs...
(We got the other girl the coolest present, btw, it was a large black skull container and now my friend is gonna fill it with candy!)
I wish I had a photo of it.
So I found one online
It's really cool!
Perfect for Halloween right?
(We don't really celebrate Halloween here though TT_TT)
But yeah!
I bought too many things today.
Like THIS;

I got this from Typo as well! It's so cute. I like the picture in it but I really wanna put pictures of my friends in it. They had this in black as well, but I preferred this. It was a little pricey but it matches the other one I have so well, I couldn't resist...

And then we went to The Face Shop, where I found these!! (I am so excited for these!)

Ohmygosh, you guys, these nail polish removers smell so nice...
I didn't know nail polish remover couldn't smell not like nail polish remover so these are amazing!
The pink one smells like berries and the purple like lavender, and together they both cost AUD$7!
I normally pay like AUD$5 for one bottle alone!
I haven't tried these yet but if they work well, I will be stocking up since they smell nice and are cheap.
(I actually am not in any need of nail polish remover since I just bought one but did I mention these smell nice?!)
Also, when I was in The Face Shop, I saw their Angel Skin foundation line and I'm interested in looking at it again.
I wasn't sold today because I would want to use up more of my other foundations and things first but they all look so good.
The powder is so incredibly soft too.

Then we went to an accessories store called Lovisa. I really like Lovisa! I bought a few things from there too...
I bought this necklace. I feel like I have a story for everything... sigh. But this one looks like the J.Crew necklace. I wouldn't pay that much for the real one because it's very expensive but I must admit I did like it! It's just so big and bright! But I saw this candy coloured one in Lovisa and it was love. I'm a sucker for baby colours as I'm sure you've all figured out by now and I knew I wanted it.
This one was AUD$16 which I thought was quite reasonable for such a big necklace normally you would look at 19+ for something like this from Lovisa anyways.
(The J.Crew one was I think AUD$60 as well, I believe so I am more than happy with this one,)

This is Rose Quartz. I really love Rose Quartz. It's on a long chain and it's actually very sparkly. I almost wish I got the jade one as well but it was a bit pricey. This cost more than the big necklace! Isn't that silly? But I guess it's 'semi precious' they can charge more for it.
And then I also got this. I love bows! I thought it looks more like a mini bow tie! It was like AUD$6 or something so not that pricey.

And I got Popteen as well. I know it's the Taiwanese version but I just look at the pictures anyways so it doesn't bother me!

Then lunch, I got a Mediterranean Chicken Kebab. It was alright. I don't know if it was the healthiest choice but I don't think it was the unhealthiest...?

And then I went to a store called Chimomo where they sell Japanese fashion items including Liz Lisa!
I'm not sure how they get it in as they usually only get one of each item but I'm happy I can buy it in a store.
I think they charge more than the actual store but considering I don't have to pay shipping I think it's reasonably priced if that makes sense?
I really like this shop! It's very cute looking and clean and the staff are nice too!
 I found these! The sales assistant was wearing the green ones... They are so cute! High wasted shorts. But look! They have ribbons on them! You can leave them loose and zipped up or tie it in a bow and unzip it or untied and unzipped or whatever!
But how cute are these?! I love how unique they are!
The store only had one but I love that! I'm the only one in my city with these! I also tired on another pair of shorts which I thought I would like more but I liked these! How strange right?!
They were quite pricey I think for shorts and I already have orange high wasted shorts from Forever New as well but still- Look at the bows!
(Basically I really didn't need these but I loved them too much not to get them!)
(And the other FN ones are really much brighter, these are a burnt orange so they are not exactly the same... I swear!)
 They even have cute charms on them! Like seriously. I think this is why everyone liked Japanese fashion so much, it's the little things you can't see but still add cuteness.

So while I was in the store, I just grabbed this to try on? I was showing my friend the shorts and I just grabbed a Liz Lisa dress I don't know why and I tried it on and... well... wow...
I think I found my 'Princess' Dress because that's what I felt like in this.
I don't even normally like white dresses! So yeah! Do not regret this. It's so nice it's light and comfortable but still heavy enough to keep you warm. I love this so so so much!
Bow on the bodice and pearl/Chain detail! It's so nice! I am in love with this. Can I get married in this?

I love it that much.

Also, I ran into a Liz Lisa Lover in that shop... I wish I had asked her for her blog or twitter or something :( Regrets. 

Okay! That was everything I bought I believe! I'll leave you with a pic of me!

I think I need to work on contouring! -_-'

Sorry about the heart... I had a funny smile there... or well... my teeth looked funny to be exact. XD

My outfit for the day!
Liz Lisa Cardigan
Tokyo Fashion Dress
Forever New Belt.
PG Beauty Bag
Shoes... They are old. I don't know. -_-'

Okay... that is all for this ridiculously long post! 


Saturday, October 13, 2012

Eyelash Review: Jealousness.

Hi! Hi!

Today I would like to review these eyelashes from PrettyandCute!

How cute is this packaging?!? It's so pink and girly!

These eyelashes are great value in my opinion because there's eight pairs in here! This is good news if you like the lashes...
Slightly bad news if you don't like them!
These cost $12.50USD a packet so it works out to $1.50 each.
So I think that's fairly reasonable.
I know you can buy cheaper eyelashes on ebay for even less than that but I like branded things most of the time... XD
(Not that there's anything wrong with Ebay)

Close ups!

These lashes look dramatic in the packet but are really quite lengthening in real life! I find these lashes really comfortable as well! I wore them for about 8 hours and I felt fine. Sometimes I find poorly made lashes don't last that long or they are uncomfortable and sometimes even heavy on the eyes. These are perfect.
Completely worth it in my opinion and I think I'll be buying more from in brand in future when I finish off some more lashes, seriously guys, I have so many now... -_-'
Only there is one downside, in real life I swear these don't look 'glossy' but...
in pictures and under flash they appear almost like wire even....
But yeah, in real life not so bad...
That's all!!!
Bye guyssss!

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