Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Tra La La

Hi! Hi!

I was a bit bored today and was browsing Tralala online store. I found this set a while ago and have been thinking about it ever since.

It's so cute!! I really love the red one! But I got this one;
The green because I think I'm gonna wear this on Christmas day! XD
(I'm being organized,)
(And it's on sale right now!)
- Can I just mention how much I love that you can buy the sets online? Like the bottom and the top? Makes choosing an outfit so easy because it's already done for you plus I think it's cheaper to buy sets as well because companies often offer discounts or cheaper prices for doing so. Save money AND time! Yes. This is good. 
I really like Tralala - not as much as Liz Lisa of course but I like the look of a lot of their things. I found this dress I liked but I decided to miss this time.
I bought two other things (all on sale!) and I'll show them too you when the parcel arrives. (And now I will for real start saving for my holiday next year...)
Now tell me how you're going.

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