Saturday, September 8, 2012

Anime : Umi Monogatari

Otherwise known as Umi Monogatari : Anata ga Ite Kureta Koto (which translates to; things that you can have me? I used Google Translate and I doubt that's right... anyone wanna help me!)

This is the description of the series;
Under the sea, two mermaid sisters by the name of Marin and Urin are enjoying their life devoting full time to floating. When one day, a ring falls from the surface and into Marin's hands. She wants to find the ring's owner and return it, and takes Urin along for the ride. It's then that they run into Kanon Miyamori, a young priestess who's about to get involved in a series of events neither she nor the sisters could've planned for when Urin ends up unleashing Sedna, an evil force intent on shrouding the world in darkness. This is what prompts Marin and Kanon to become the Priestess of the Sea and Sky.

I found this series from  this blog.

I have been watching this on and off for quite a while now but since I have recently gotten back into Community, I have re watched this lovely anime as well. (Making it my goal for the week to finish BOTH series!)

It was made a few years ago and is only 12 episodes long, it's just a really sweet, simple cute anime.  The music in this series is what got me through the first few episodes because I loved the music in it! 

You can just type it in google and find it, but I watched the first 8 episodes of Veoh and the rest of :/ but you can watch the whole thing on anime freak ^.^
Actually Animefreak is pretty good only one ad (unlike Crunchyroll wtf... so many ads okay!?) And it's pretty fast plus can switch between Sub and Dub quite easy too! 

I don't consider myself a huge anime nerd but I do really like Anime and I especially love Manga.
But if you like your Anime short and sweet and very cute and can live with the sub titles then you will like this Anime a lot ^.^
Okay! That's all!
I'm gonna go watch Princess Tutu now! (And more community!)

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Jill Stuart Summer Travel Set

I'm going to make a quick post on this set I purchased from Yestyle a while ago (but actually received a few days ago,) 

I haven't really used or tested these products but I'd thought I'd review it anyways in case someone out these was interested in in and wanted to know more about it...

This set is limited edition so if you are interested, I got mine from Yesstyle
Here is is in it's pretty pretty box! 

It comes in this 'beach bag-Spa bag' The Beach bag is the clear silver chained bag and the spa one is the pale pink fabric. It's very very pretty! Not as big as I was hoping especially for the price of this set but it's still nice and I will still use it. I probably won't use it as a beach bag however. 

Okay, okay, bad picture but camera ran out of battery but at least it's clear right!? 
-I will get better at taking photos by practicing, okay!? - 
The body Jelly and the Body Protector is 50mL while the other shower Gel is 85mL so very small - good for travel since it is the travel set. It all smells really good! Fairly floral and girly yet still light and clean. The product in front lying down is the  lip essence UV and it's really good! It has spf 18 which is nice and smells good, not sticky and lasts ages. Brilliant. 

I really like the package, if you have somewhere to go you're really lucky and you'll like this set, or if you're like me and a sucker for Jill Stuart Sets (this is my second one this year) then you'll enjoy it! 

Every girl deserves to be pampered every once in a while.  

See you later! 
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