Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Liz Lisa Haul

Okay! I found my camera cord... phew!
Anyways, I promised I would share what I bought from Liz Lisa... right!?
I'll try and take an outfit of the day with them when I do wear them... but for now here they are!
I bought this dress, after eyeing the orange for a long time... but I chose the pink at the last minute, the bow is actually detachable, and you can take it off and put it anywhere you like! Or leave it off, if that's how you like it! There is a concealed zipper and it's very comfortable. On me, however... it's a little shorter than what I would like but I can still wear it, I'll just have to be careful where I wear it.

How cute are these shorts?!?! Omg, I love them! I originally wanted them in pink but they were sold out... so I got this pair, online, it says it's a yellow-green but in real life, they are definitely a mint green! When I first got these I was super disappointed I didn't like the texture of these at all and I thought they fit too small...
But I tried them on again and they do fit better than I remembered and the texture doesn't bother me at all so I don't really know what I was thinking? But yeah, I really like these, they even have the 'shorts' under them, so you can be comfy and cute!
Forgot to add - the jumper is from Forever New and it's realllllllyyyy soft!
I took a picture wearing them!

 I bought this inkyami in yellow, I would have preferred pink - obviously, but it was sold out, I think this was the only colour left!? But I really love it! It's the softest cutest baby lemon yellow. This is a really nice (what I would call a singlet,) inkyami the shiny lace over the chest is really pretty and the straps are nice as well, not adjustable which is good because I like the look with out it. What makes the Liz Lisa inkyami's special is the chain detail on them! They are so pretty! Inkyami's can come with puffy fluffy ones or flowers - like proper or like the ones I got which is like a fabric flower. Inkyami's come in great colour ranges too! Really pretty! You won't be able to decide which one you like best!
The chain is detachable, so you can wear the inkyami without it or for washing! Nice touch!

And the last thing I got was this sweet mint green double chain necklace! So pretty right!? Just my style as I love dainty sweet jewelry! This necklace is so comfy and cute! Very sparkly in person!

I didn't buy this online! I'm really lucky as there's a store that sells Liz Lisa where I live, they don't sell much but the day I went in they had $20 off everything Liz Lisa and I'm a huge fan of cardigans, and since I didn't find on online that I liked, I bought this. It also came in pink but I preferred the beige!

Anyways... sorry for all the pictures -_-' I guess I got carried away!?
Anyways, thanks for stopping byyyyyyyeeeeeeeee!~~~


  1. That skirt is so cute. I nearly bought it myself a while back, but decided to get a different floral one instead. You'll probably find that after washing your skirt you'll need to iron it, as cotton lace gets crumpled really easially. (Well, it does on my skirts :/) The necklace is completely gorgeous! I don't own any Liz Lisa jewellery. I really need to though.

    I've never bought one of the Singlets, because the top I bought a while back has a similar design with the cut out bust parts. I find they're too small, and make the whole top ride up in an ugly fashion. Does yours do that at all. I'm really small busted too, so it doesn't make sense...

    Great post!

  2. Oh thank you for the tip about the shorts!!
    The necklace is so comfortable so you should try some of the jewelery! I forget I'm wearing it but at the same time, it doesn't move around a lot!
    And the singlet is find for me, it was a bit tight on me but I haven't really worn it out yet so I can't tell you :/ Still winter here! Ahaha! I'll keep you posted though! Thank you Heidi!!!!!!!

  3. Wooooooa ! I'm in love with these outfits !

    1. Aw!! Thank you, Fumi! I can't wait to post co ordinates with them!!


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