Saturday, August 11, 2012

Lioele Sun Shake Lotion Review

Hi! Hi!

I'm not too sure what I'm gonna write about tonight, I just figured I would start typing and see where my mind takes me...
Oh I know!

I want to review this product!

I will have to get better at taking photos ~ patience right?!
I'm sure we're all aware of just how damaging the sun can be to our skin by now, I don't think I need to warn you all about this.

But I will tell you what drew me to this sun screen, it was PrettyandCute's store owner Janie stating it lightened her freckles! I have freckles and let me tell you, I HATE them. I have never been drawn to whitening before though, but since she said it worked, and since, I figured even if it doesn't, at least I'll have good sun screen in the mean time, right?! Well, I actually think this worked while my freckles haven't disappeared they have faded, especially on my right cheek, one day, I realized I could see significantly less.

Enough about the whitening though.
This sun screen is really light, perfect to wear under make up as it's not  heavy or even oily! Not even a bit shiny, I tell you. (Although, I do have 'dry' skin) but it's also fun to shake as well!

It's got a fragrance, if you are sensitive to fragrance then be cautious but I find this really light and it doesn't bother me at all.

Um... what else can I say about this!?

Oh, it has really cute packaging as well.

The only downside is I think it's a little pricey, not super expensive mind you, but with shipping it can cost a bit, but nothing I'm unhappy with.
Link to Lioele Sun Shake Lotion 

Anyways, thanks to anyone that read this, hopefully with practice I can get better at reviews!?




  1. Just went and bought this. I've been looking for a really high SPF but non tacky and oily to wear under makeup. The whitening is a bonus, as I have freckles/dark spots under one of my eyes. Oil free BB creams are usually what I use as sun screen, but the ones available here are always too dark for me and foundation only has 10-15 SPF. Plus I got a free sample of the Skin79 Orange BB. I know korean BB's are usually light. I hope this one is. Thanks for the recommend, keep reviewing, it was very informative. ^_^

  2. aw thank you! Yeah, I think you'll like the sunscreen if you like non-sticky sunscreens! ^.^ Oh wow, if you like light BB creams, try looking at Tony Moly I think I used one AGES ago, I don't know if they make it... It was black and white, and it was pretty light in colour, so try Tony Moly!!


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