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How to Order from Liz & Review

Hi! Hi!

So... the title is right, can actually order from the Liz Lisa website directly, and have it shipped. Anywhere in the world.

 So, today I will write about it and share my experiences, since I didn't even realize you could order Liz Lisa directly on the internet since I had never heard anyone even mention it or share their experiences of the site so I decided to give it a go and share my thoughts with you all.

This is my first time ordering from this site, but not my first time ordering from Japan or online shopping if you were wondering about my online shopping history. 

First things first, open Liz Lisa in Chrome.
I suggest Chrome because if you are like me, and can't read Japanese Chrome does a pretty good job of translating the page and makes it a lot easier.

If you're able to read Japanese, then view the website on any internet browser you wish. ^.^

Okay, so scroll down past the header and on the left you'll see a blue box, that says they ship internationally via, click it and make an account, tenso can be viewed in English as well! is a service that will 'lend' you a shipping address and then onship to you, anywhere in the world. is Japanese of course, but the good news is, the US also has a site similar to this.
Bad news is, I forget what it's called... -_-'
But this isn't about that.... let's continue with!


Make an account - it's free to have an account but to use will cost you and they will charge you, per weight of the package.

I think the service is a little on the pricey side to be perfectly honest, even though they say it's resonable but I'm used to not paying for shipping so it may just be me. :/

The plus side, is you can pay for many ways, including PayPal which is my preferred payment method so I like this feature. Of course, you can pay directly with your credit card as well if you like.

So making a account is pretty easy and it's fairly standard. 
I had no problems making an account with them myself. 

Once you've done that, they'll send a confirmation email and then the address you'll send too and information regarding that. Please pay attention to that information as  I'd hate for anyone to lose a package because they didn't read the whole email.

A note about after going through the whole process myself, you can also pay for insurance on your package, I didn't use this feature but it may interest some of you to know, that there's also that possibility. 


 Liz Lisa - LINK! -  is hosted by VENT, so naturally, you'll need a VENT account, since it's in Japanese, you can use chrome or a translator to read it if you need the help, it's pretty simple, like name, birthday, email notifications etc. All that you would expect. 
Note: For the name they'll want phonic so;
いちご or うさぎ

Berri or Bunny.

I just translated my name with google translate, it doesn't matter if it's not right, post offices don't actually look at the name, they're only concerned about the address. ^.^

You'll need to fill in the address before shopping on Liz Lisa, so get the address sent you.
(tip: Make sure to translate it and you're filling about the streets and town/city right) but if you need help, you can ask me, if you want! Since I've already done it I can help I think!

It's fairly simple but if you're like me, you'll find some way to make a mistake XD anyways, it's fairly simple regardless. 

Once you've filled that out correctly you can now shop Liz Lisa and fill up your basket!!

But you'll still need to pay for it.

A warning: You'll need to pay twice when using this method of buying Liz Lisa.
Once on VENT (the Liz Lisa store - for their items, as well as their own shipping fee) and then a second time on - for their service/shipping fee. So don't be surprised when that happens! I warned you!

About the shipping process;

(Forenote: I wrote this as the days were happening, so that's why it's kinda a little long :/) 

So now that you've paid for everything or you understand what I said, you might want to know about the actual shipping process right!?

I placed the order on the 13th of August - a Monday, some time in the  late afternoon.

Well, it took only two days to get from Liz Lisa to's address! That's pretty fast since I ordered in the afternoon. will notify you when the package arrives and ask you too pay their fees then.

You've now paid everything and you're package will be sent to you.

I have to say now though, I got the email it arrived at about 2:00 PM on Wednesday (15.08.12) and I paid at about 6:00 PM since I was busy at work at the time. 6:07 PM I received an email that they were preparing to ship my package! That's fast!

On the 16th I receive an email saying it's coming and is being sent off for international shipping, I am also emailed a tracking number. has tracking. This has made my night. I was going to add at the bottom about how I thought the shipping cost was pricey but knowing apart of that cost is tracking I agree with the shipping cost.

It's the 20th of August and my package arrived! It took about a week or seven days to get to me, I ordered it on Monday and it arrived in exactly a week! I live in Australia if anyone wanted to know so it'll take different amounts of time for different locations, I assume. It was all packaged nicely and I'm in a box, with nothing else in it but the usual paper work.

I've already posted pictures of what I bought, and I'll link it here! I didn't want this post to be too long. So yes, that is my experience with shopping online with Liz Lisa and

So basically, I give tenso and vent (Liz Lisa) a big thumbs up and will definitely be purchasing from them again in the future without hesitation since my first order went very well! 

I really hope you all found it useful and easy to follow.

Update; Liz Lisa Haul is posted here!

So I'll post this first and try to find my cord and then share what I bought later! ~

I'm sure you're all curious now!!

Anyways if you have Liz Lisa hauls or reviews or anything, you can link it too me, I'd love to see what everyone has!



  1. Thank you so much for this post!
    I will definitely be referring to this in future if I order from there >w<

  2. Oh you're very welcome!!! And while your here... omg, I love your blog so much! Thank you for checking mine out and replying!!! Gah! HAPPY DANCES!

  3. your blog is very cute and interesting. maybe follow? im glad if you visit my blog, too :)) keep in touch!


  4. Thank you so much for this! I had no idea that they had an option for Tenso right on the site! This is so much better than the international 109 site or Rakuten which often don't have the same stuff.

    1. ^.^ I didn't know you can order from International 109 or Rakuten! XD LOL! I only ever saw Tenso. I can be pretty oblivious! XD But yeah! It's works really well!

  5. This post is just great! -> very helpful. That's exactly what I was looking for *__*... but I still got problems with the adress :S I'm sooo confused! Where do I put the town, the city, the number and the tenso membership number?? Please help me!

    Lilly :*

    1. Let's see if I can do this with out giving mine away :/
      Postal code is the number that looks like 000-0000
      The city is Tokyo
      Senjuakebono town, is the city (I put my TS0000 number in this box too and the town is Adachi-ku.
      Hope that helps!

    2. Aww that's so sweet of you:* thank you so much for helping me :) Yaay it's shopping time;) LIZ LISA <3

    3. :) Of course I will help! I said I would didn't I? And you have too share what you bought please! I wanna see too!

  6. Excuse me, I was wondering when you buy Liz Lisa online can you pay with paypal for items or do you have to use credit/debit cards before paying the shipping fee from tenso?

    1. Hi! Sorry for the tardy reply. No you must use a credit card only to buy from Liz Lisa and it can only be Mastercard or Visa off the top of my head, but I might be mistaken! Hope that helps!

  7. i'm still a bit confused on the address.
    is it alright if i e-mail you the address Tenso sent me and a screencap on how i filled out the address form, so that you could double check if i did it correctly?

    1. Oh, yeah sure, that's fine, you can email me here; (@) gmail (.) com

    2. thanks, but nevermind. i kept looking for more tutorials and found one with images on how to fill out the address form. thanks again for replying.

    3. Aw, okay! I'm glad it all worked out in the end for you!

  8. Hi,
    I was wondering if you have any problems with Liz Lisa billing you because I order something on the 15th and Liz Lisa hasn't taken the money off my card?

    1. Oh that seems strange! Did you get a confirmation email, if so, I wouldn't worry as sometimes payments can take a while to go through (depening what bank you're with of course!) Otherwise you can contact them easily! I'm terrible with Japanese so I just used Google translate and we were able to sort out my problems easy enough. Hope that helps!

  9. I've been racking my brain trying to figure out how I can get Liz Lisa to Australia. I went to Japan less than a month ago, saw Liz Lisa but didn't get a lot of shopping done.. now i'm kicking myself! Thank you for the post ^_^

    1. Nawww, I'm so happy I was able to help you!! Make sure you share with me what you buy!! I'm super nosy like that~

  10. Is the process easy?? Oh and is there a sign up fee with tenso??

    1. I find the process very easy and it's like second nature for me now. It's a bit intimidating the first few times you use it (like anything your unfamiliar with) and no, there's no sign up fee ^.^


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