Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Kawaii Cute Co.

Check out my adorable, yet slightly obnoxious iphone case!

Yay for instgram filters, right?!

I've never purchased from Etsy prior to this case, since I sometimes find the shipping costs to be brutal (double the cost of the item you wish to purchase, are you kidding me?!)

But luckily, I was introduced to this store from an advert on a tumblr blog and I'm so glad I decided to get this case!

Gemma who owns, Kawaii Cute Co. will custom make deco iphone cases, Nintento DS cases, comapct mirrors etc with adorable cute decon stuff!

And how delicious it all looks!

I contacted Gemma via Facebook Fanpage and asked her to make me this stunning case, and it's really spectacular in person, promise!

Not going to lie, it's not the most practical of cases, it's not sleek and small, nor will it be suited to all environments, eg. small bags, work places, clubs etc. but that's not going to stop me using this case everywhere else. Not at all.

I'm completely in love with it, and if you're all interested in a custom iphone case, then you should totally check out Kawaii Cute Co.

Bunny.Berri signing out!

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  1. hi! i didn't know you made a review for the case until now, thank you for the lovely review, it was one of my favourites to make, hope you're happy with it.
    gem x


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